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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reindeer Food - a fun idea!!

Good evening blogging friends! My mom helped me put together this post so I could show her how I make a blog post. My folks have given up the hotel room and are here with David and I until their power comes back on- no date in sight. With the storm coming, it was safer to have them here over night than have them travel from the hotel here during the day. The beds were better there, but my cooking is better and they have room to spread out. So tonight we are blogging, tomorrow we are baking DH's shortbread cookies and wrapping. I decided it was about time they earned their keep! (wink wink!)
Over the years, I have amassed a collection of fun little ideas for the kiddos for different holidays and seasons. Some we used at school, but most of them I made for the kids with cancer that I send gifts and cards to. They are perfect to tuck into a card or when I put together a Christmas Box with something for each child in a family for each of the 12 days of Christmas. I usually sign up for a family with several children and most of my ideas work well for a wide age range.
One of my favorites is a liitle bag of Reindeer Food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve. I made a bag topper with either of the reindeer graphics in this post, and included this verse on the back:
"Sprinkle on your lawn at night, The lawn will make it sparkle bright. When Santa's reindeer fly and roan, This will lead them to your home. "

In the bag I put a mix of salt (or sugar) blue glitter (you can use silver) and oatmeal. I use the little treat bags you get at the craft store. I buy a bag of 100 because I use them for a variety of things. The size of the bags are 4.75 x 3 inches. The toppers are approximately 3 inches square.

Bag with reindeer food and topper folded and ready to staple in place:

Reindeer food all ready to go - front:

I use a program that allows to me to place my text and graphic within a box but you don't have to do it this way. You could print your text, and print the graphic and glue them on a 3 inch square of card stock if you don't have that type of program. Here is another reindeer graphic you could use. I have had these graphics for years. Please feel free to right click and save them to use.

Next time, I'll show you a great little idea to show a child how special he/she is using starlight mints or mini candy canes.

Until next time - hugs, Linda