Behind My Red Door

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mother Nature - UPDATE

Please read my previous post so this makes sense.

This morning our son and pregnant DIL were able to go home to a warm house. They are beginning to get back to normal.

My parents slept great at the hotel. They came here mid morning to read the Sunday paper and then after I fed them a bowl of hot homemade soup for lunch, they decided to drive home to check their cat again and see if any progress was made in their neighborhood. (the saving grace in all this is we didn't have the roads ice up by the actual storm - just where ice fell from trees.) They will come back here for the rest of the day and head to the hotel for another good night's sleep. for those that asked or made mention of just 'making do' I just don't have a bed that my dad can sleep in with his handicap. He tried Friday night but was awake most of the night. And I couldn't buy one or get a bed delivered if I wanted to right now. What is so frustrating that both Jay and I are storing beds that were never used, in my parents dry cellar! We just have no way to get them here right now. Jen's boyfriend moved them there in his truck - the one that got totaled by a falling tree.

And poor Jen, she is just exhausted and drained. The tree is off the roof but nothing is done to the roof and rain is expected in 36 - 48 hours. We don't have ladders tall enough to reach or we would be up there spreading a tarp ourselves. The landlord seems paralyzed and clueless by all this. We are all looking for someone who can at least do that much before the next rain - which would them most likely collapse the plaster in her kitchen ceiling if the rain leaks in. UGH!!

Thanks so much for all the kinds words and comments! Please keep my folks and daughter in your thoughts and prayers - as well as those hundreds of thousands in New England who are even worse off than we are. So many won't have power all week and have lost entire roofs, have no jobs to go to this week - so loss of income, and so many others living in shelters for the week.

Until next time - hugs, Linda