Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mother Nature Update - Day 5.5

UGH!! My poor parents still are without power. It's been off since around 10 Thursday night. I just read in today's paper that their town has a LOOOOOOOONG way to go to restore power to mom's area because of the maze of side streets and we have impending bad weather. They have crews from all over the east coast and the National guard working on it but power lines were snapped in thousands of places so it is slow going. We had rain last night which didn't help and more bad weather is coming. The town manager said with so many live lines still down, plowing would be dangerous so they would have to cut power to some restored areas if they do need to plow. UGH!!

My mom is taking this really hard. She is very worried about her cat even though we check him and he is fine. It is very hard for them to be displaced for so long. Each day must seem longer and longer. Every single aspect of their routine is disrupted. At their age, that is not easy. At my age I would not be very happy either!!!

Jen has just one patch of the roof - over her skylight. The rest of the roof has had nothing done to it.They can't use the wood stove because of chimney damage and her kitchen ceiling is crumbling more and a new roof is weeks away. Not good news when it is already drizzling and more rain, sleet, snow and ice are headed our way. With the massive destruction all around use, all resources are stretched to the fullest. And the timing couldn't be worse. A snow storm could make things 100 times worse for so many people.

I am headed to the dentist this afternoon. The stitches are causing a lot of pain so I am very anxious to have them out. I really hope I feel better when they are gone.

So nothing fun to report today. I hesitated even blogging but so many people have asked where we stand and asked about my folks so I thought this would be the easiest way to update.

There are so many stories of lives disrupted, businesses hurt, homes damaged, and vehicles crushed because of this storm. Please keep my parents, my DD Jen and all of those others in your thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully I'll have some good news to share when I next post. Until then - hugs, Linda