Behind My Red Door

Monday, December 22, 2008

Making headway and a beautiful sound.

After feeling stalled for a bit, I am finally feeling like I have a good handle on all the preparations for our two very different family celebrations. Is anyone else feeling like they are making headway? I hope so! What a good feeling. Sunday DH rolled 13 dozen (YES THIRTEEN DOZEN)Swedish meatballs while I did laundry and chores and cleaned up our family room JUST in case Jay, Ang and Brady needed to bunk here. They lost power for a few hours during the second blizzard in 3 days and their house was getting pretty chilly but then the power came back on and for that we are ALL thankful! I also got my pretzels all bagged and tagged (see above) , and more presents wrapped, read some more of my Christmas novel and did a few stitches on my little sampler.

Today, after some early morning snow clean -up, OK a LOT of snow clean up, I got my hair trimmed and then DH and I did the shopping for the last gifts I needed, and I got all that wrapped. I can cross that off now. I have never been this late in finishing and I won't ever again if I have any say! LOL Tomorrow, he'll run to the market to pick up the roasts we ordered and a few last minute things and then we'll be home until after Christmas. I will set the table for Swedish Christmas Eve and do some food prep and we'll be on our way.

Do these look familiar? I went outside last night to take some pictures of the snow and I realized they would look just like these from last year. We had a HUGE snowstorm on December 13th last year and this was the result. Pretty much identical to our back to back storms this weekend. Now you would think with ALL this snow, we would be guaranteed a White Christmas. However, with rain and temps in the upper 40's Wednesday, our family just may need an Ark to get here. I guess the ice storm, power outages and back to back blizzards weren't enough, some poor folks will now have flooded basements if the rain melts the snow too quickly. Many places have a thick coating of ice under the snow leaving no place for the rain to soak in. We are a hearty bunch here in New England but sometimes we can be tested to our limits too!
Still, we are all reminding ourselves, these storm do not generally destroy homes like the hurricanes, flash floods, tornadoes, fires fueled by the Santa Anna winds, and other catastrophic weather in so many other places. It's what we put up with to live in this beautiful historic part of the country I guess. And more than that, it's what we are accustomed to and what is familiar. This we can quickly recover from - unlike the above mentioned disasters. And it really is pretty and the kids have so much fun and the small family owned ski spot in town is thrilled. We need to support our local businesses after all. That's MY story and I am sticking to it!!
I heard the most wonderful sound today!! Listen to this:
(click arrow to play)
That's my first grand baby's heartbeat. Not since I heard my own 2 babies heartbeats have I heard a sound so sweet. Angela is heading into her 2nd trimester and had her check up today and it just gets more and more exciting.
I hope to post once more before Christmas Eve but just in case I don't get back here, I am sending my most sincere Merry Christmas to each one of my followers. Enjoy your celebrations of this magical season and being with family and friends May you enjoy the blessings of a peaceful holiday with those you love close in hand or in your heart.
Until next time -MERRY CHRISTMAS hugs to you all , Linda