Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is It a Sickness?

I have a feeling half my blogging friends have the same sickness I have and the other half are either amused by it or just don't get it. I will admit right up front, I have a condition that just takes over sometimes. I have no control over it and when it comes upon me, the best thing to do is just go with it. What could I possibly be talking about? OKAY here it is, I am a.... Tweaker! Yes, that's right, a Tweaker! I just cannot leave well enough alone. I can spend hours repainting, moving, rearranging and then photographing everything once I get it just so, and then within days (okaaaaaaaay - I'll admit, sometimes just HOURS) I am ready to tweak it again. I can't help myself I tell you! Something comes over me, and it's Tweak or I start twitching!

My poor hubby - he doesn't like change and he just sighs and asks "do you REALLY need to move that - AGAIN?". And I try to explain, as much as he likes things to stay the same, I like things to change. When he asked me that question just the other day, I explained to him, what I REALLY want is to move walls, change windows and doors, add islands, replace floors, add rooms, or even change houses! So don't you think he should be thankful and look at this as a compromise! AM I RIGHT?? I think taking the cupboard off the wall, and resting it on the jelly cupboard is lot easier on him than any of the above, wouldn't you agree? Of course you do!!

Just this past weekend, I spent hours tweaking things in the kitchen and the dining room. Most people wouldn't even notice the difference I suspect, but I do. After seeing the before and afters, I know some of you will say "why bother?" - and I can only say "because I HAD to!" There are many things that can set off my condition. Sometimes it is seeing someones pictures online, or in a magazine. It can even be something I saw advertised and displayed just so. Sometimes, the 'clutter' gets to me and sometimes, my house feel naked and needs more. It can be just about anything that sets me off.

This weekend, it was this in the dining room. When I first hung the black cupboard in here, there was a sideboard under it and the big jelly cupboard was on the opposite wall. But back in the spring, I just had to buy my bucket cupboard and that meant rearranging the room at that time. The sideboard, being the piece with the least amount of storage, took a back seat and was moved to our family room downstairs. I lived with the black cupboard hovering just inches above the jelly cupboard, but it finally got to me and so down it went.

Ahhh much better! Hey, I had to tweak what was ON it ... but now I need something on the wall above it too!
And I couldn't stop there so I had to tweak the arrangement over here too since I took the jug to use on the black cupboard.


Well by now, you tweakers know what happens, you just can't stop!! Sometimes I am even convinced it has to do with the phase of the moon, or the pull of the tides or some other force of nature. And who am I to mess with Mother Nature? Moi? NO WAY, so I just move on to the next room and I do some tweaking there too! I can see those heads shaking - some are saying YES YES!! I know EXACTLY what she means, and the others are shaking their heads saying, YOU SAD SAD girl! Keep in mind, I am always trying to achieve a more colonial look. YES YES - that's my reason for all this - see I do have a reason after all!

And then this ...
To this...
I know that roly poly Santa is cute, so he went up here along with my blocks from Kindra. Besides, I took the big brown crock off of this and put it in the dining room so I needed SOMETHING here. See - it's like a domino effect!

So what gave the me the courage to out myself? Well it was Dot over at Picket's Place. I decided if she can tell the world that she is a Tweaker, I could too! In fact, yesterday, when I was wanting to make a new post but couldn't because my computer crashed AGAIN, she posted about her condition. Not only is she a brave woman coming out like that, she is the sweetest and the kindest gal you can ever bump into in Cyber space. She would not only apologize for bumping into YOU, she would then invite you home and cook you the best meal you have ever had, and she would serve it to you on the prettiest plates you had ever seen. I first met Dot over on RMS and I can remember the first time I found her spaces. She had just painted the interior of her door black and I fell in love with her right then and there. Not only does she have a lovely home, she has a lovely spirit. She is one of the most tenderhearted gals I have met online. So if you haven't had the privilege of meeting her yet, go on over and say HI and please tell her I sent you. You won't be disappointed you made the trip!

DH and I had a great day yesterday. Got lots of shopping done but nuttin got wrapped because of the computer crash. I think it is the 4th time since about August. Me thinks it is time for a new one! I have had this one for several years and I think it is old and tired. I know it crashing is getting old, and I am tired of having to reload all my programs!! And my printer is jamming too. Actually that started very early in the year when I was printing wedding invitations but because I had purchased several ink cartridges so I would not run out of ink making the invits, I have been babying this one trying to use up those cartridges. You know how the manufacturers get you coming and going by not making them interchangeable. BUT I think it the time has come for it to go to it's final resting place so DH is researching deals on both of them. Wish me luck!

I won't be back for Whatcha Working on Wednesday, because other than shopping, doing lunch, making and addressing cards and my tweaking, I have nothing to show. This afternoon, I have my dental surgery so I won't be doing much for a few days - except maybe trying to read blogs on this slow computer and through my pain pill induced phase. Please pray that the dental surgeon finds the real cause of this problem. It now seems it is not as clear cut as he thought. Because of a poorly done root canal when I was a young mom (before he died, that dentist had several major lawsuits) I had major problems with my upper right jaw, including bone loss. I now have 3 very expensive bone graphs and dental implants. Those were done after attempts to save the area with additional root canals. I could have that room addition with all the work I have had done on that jaw alone. So to have pain after all the time and expense put into saving my jaw, well, it is disheartening to say the least. This was not done just for cosmetics. I really hope he finds a piece of root, or bone left behind that explains all this. Please pray for a good result. Thanks so much!!
So until next time sweet blogger friends - hugs, Linda