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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting it all done....

Well my folks didn't get their power back and I didn't get the cookies baked yesterday. My mom didn't feel up to it, so instead I wrapped everything I already bought. That said, sometime soon, I need to do some more shopping - a lot more. I have never been so far behind but I refuse to let it get to me. What gets done, gets done. That is my motto right about now. I have two big meals to make as well next week and I need some speciality foods for those. Fortunately, when we have Swedish Christmas Eve, everyone on hubby's side of helps with the food and on Christmas Day, my side help with the food. I still do the bulk of it for each meal but all the contributions really help. And with DH on vacation, we will somehow get the important things done. Today we expect clear weather, so I hope we can tackle some errands - if hubby is not fixing plumbing. When I was helping my folks do some laundry yesterday, I reached under the sink for the detergent and the bottle dripped on me when I picked it up. I had just used it and I always wipe it off before I put it back, so I knew it wasn't soap. Nope, the inside of the vanity was full of water. Just what we needed - not!! DH worked on it for awhile and so far, it seems OK.
Mother nature is is giving us 6-12 inches of wet heavy snow tomorrow with high winds and zero visibility and then sleet and ice on top of that Saturday. I cannot begin to tell you how devastating this could be for those without power - no hope of it being restored for days and then the potential for much more new damage. In addition, there are still down live power lines in many areas so some towns may have to cut power to places that just got it back in order to plow. Basically we are all at risk for loosing power. How's that for depressing news. Our dilemma is this - IF by some miracle my folks get power back today, do we let them go home, and risk them loosing it again and then having no way to get to them if that happens?? I can't begin to explain how stressful this is for them to hear. The town manager where my folks live was on the radio stressing to people to keep that in mind if they go home. Again, if my folks were OK with being here, if we had all the handicap accommodations my dad needs, that would be one thing, but they are not OK being here. They don't WANT to be here any more. They are past enjoying our hospitality. They are not having fun anymore - I hear my mom say that several times a day on the phone. Yes, they appreciate what we are doing to help but they want home. And at 80 and 87, who can blame them. When my mom heard the weather and was crying, I wanted to cry with her but I had to keep strong. My heart is just aching for them. I am not trying to be depressing, I am just keeping it real folks.

Okay, enough of that and on with some blogging normalcy for me. I have to have some sort of photo peek Behind My Red Door, right? Here are some of the gifts I wrapped. Several years ago I ordered an assortment of commercial size rolls Kraft wrapping paper, a few rolls of ribbon in a matte finish, commercial size rolls of raffia, some Kraft gift bags to match the paper and Kraft tissue paper to use in the bags. I have been using my stash for years and I am not even close to running out. I love mixing and matching them and they look great under the tree. Bright and foil papers are so pretty in other homes, but they just wouldn't cut it in this prim house. I like the Kraft paper so much, I now have Kraft paper and the matching raffia and tissue to use all year long. In the long run, I am sure I have saved a lot of money buying the commercial sizes. I always order from Nashville Wraps.

I was thrilled to be able to use green ribbon left from making the wedding invitations and centerpieces on two of Angela's presents. My mom did that the first year after I got married with the green ribbon left from my flower arrangements and I hope Angela enjoys it as much as I did 33 years ago.
I promised a few more cute little ideas for the kiddo's. This first one is for for Snowman Kisses. You can see the saying in the second picture. Again, refer to the last 2 posts for all the instructions.

It says: "Snowflakes from heaven as white as can be, can build a snowman for all to see. He's cute and cuddly and full of good wishes, And wants to give you a bunch of kisses. " You would fill these bags with mini marshmallows, white chocolate chips, or yogurt covered raisins.
Here are a few graphics you can use:

Another cute idea is Penguin Poop. Of course the kiddo's LOVE this one. You can use chocolate raisins, or cereal like Cocoa Puffs, or chocolate chips.

It says 'While visiting the Artic what do you think I found? As I was on the snow and ice, this was laying on the ground. I bagged it up and saved it, then someone told me the scoop, those brown little tidbits, are genuine Penguin Poop!

You could use the Polar Bear graphic and change it to some Polar Bear Poop as well.

I have ideas like these for every season - I just need to remember to share them! It's that darn CRS I have!

I want to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Wendy over at The Cozy Yellow House on the birth of her first grandson Logan who arrived on the 15th. I am so excited for you Wendy!! Enjoy each and every moment with Logan!!

Next time I will have the rest of the instructions for the shortbread cookies (see previous post).

Until then, stay safe and warm!!

hugs, Linda