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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatcha Working On and I Got Mail!!

It's Whatcha Working on Wednesday again and I have been slowly getting some Christmas decor out. I say slowly because I keep getting interrupted. I am very thankful that they are not all bad interruptions though! On Monday, while was busy getting my Christmas Decor out of the attic and decorating my feather trees, I never heard the mail come. When DH got home, he found not one, but TWO boxes waiting for me. It was like Christmas in November!! Now DH works a long day in the office and often needs to get right back on the Blackberry or laptop right dinner, so I have dinner ready when he walks in the door. It was soooooo hard to wait until dinner and clean up were done to dig into those boxes.
I started with the box from my prim friend Rondell over at Tomatoe Creek Prims. She was my Christmas Stocking partner for the swap we signed up for over at The Robin's Nest. (Robin did a great job matching us!) She has emailed me that she got my box and we had agreed ahead of time that we could open them right away. Lookey lookey - Rondell picked the perfect card to go with all my goodies - just perfect for a Grammy to be isn't it? Thanks for thinking of that Rondell - that was so sweet of you!!

Look at all the packages I got to open - I was about squealing by this time!! There was even a can of cashews - but I think DH 'borrowed' those just as I was fixin to snap the picture!
You bet I tore into the that tissue paper! Look at all this swap goodness! OH MY!! Rondell went above and beyond - and I am the lucky recipient!!
Look at the prim stocking she made. I know she just learned how to do the blanket stitch, but you would never know! And I love Prim Snowmen stitchery. I don't have anything like that so he will be a welcome addition to my Christmas decor and he can stay out all Winter- doing double duty! Rondell, I am so thankful and honored to have these treasures that you put your special touches on just for me. I know you watch your grand kiddos sometimes and have a busy life so thank you for taking the time to make those for me. And see the prim Angel ornie? She will look great on my tree and what prim girl can't use a new candle holder. And did you see the cute little crow's inn? I already put the believe sign on the whale shelf in our bedroom -perfect for the season! (you'll have to wait until the shelf is all decorated to see that folks - sorry!)
And there is even more!!I love the homespun towel with the date stitched on it (more wonderful handwork) and the paddle is already in my crock with my other utensils. I love the snowman ornie and red tin star and old fabric ornie - they will be welcome additions to my prim tree this year. And can you see the doggie bone? There is a pocket to hold a picture of our sweet Brady!! Rondell you thought of everything! WAIT - there is still more - some yummy spinach dip (I'll use that Christmas Eve!!) and some cinnamon sticks - I use them to stir my Chai Tea!! You were a great swap partner Rondell, and I love ALL the goodies in my box. I will treasure it all, especially those that you made just for me. Thank you so very much my prim friend! You made me giddy!!

After I came back down to earth, I got the other box - it was from my sweet friend Colleen over at And Baby Makes Five. When I opened the box I found this. Hummm... I wonder what this is all about??

Colleen's note said it was a "just because" gift! Now how sweet is that? My heart was melting that once again, someone in blogland would do something so kind. Look at these prim fall napkins and plates for my Favorite Season!! I love the pumpkins and crow! I was thinking of using them on Thanksgiving, but I just might save them for next fall. It will make one more fun thing to look forward to!! (did I tell you I love Fall??) Then again, I might not be able to wait!!
Back here, Colleen posted her recipe for Chai Tea. Well if you read my blog with any frequency, you know I love Chai Tea so she included some of that as well. I had a cup that night and last night and it is wonderful!! If you like Chai Tea or want to try something spicy and warm, check out her recipe. It is a keeper.
Can you read the cute tag? It says - For the next chapter Behind Your Red Door
Okay, this one got me blubbering - yup hubby came down the hall and couldn't imagine what was making me cry this time. Colleen stitched this saying that is a favorite in her family. It says "What happens at Grammy's, Stays at Grammy's". It surely will be a favorite of mine in the not too distant future!! Are you reading this Jay? hehehe It's already sitting on my desk!
Thank you so very much Colleen for finding time in your busy day as a mom of 3 active kiddo's to make and send me these treasures. I am truly moved and touched and very thankful indeed to have met your through our blogs.

Now back to what I have been working on... here is a sneak peak of a few Christmas things I have in place. THIS is what I made my gingerbread men for! Back in 1985, when we still lived in our other home, Country Living magazine featured a Scandinavian Tree like this. David made it for me that year and I used it for many years. I don't remember why I stopped, but for the last few years it stayed in the attic. I had already planned to bring it back out when Colleen posted the recipe for ornamental gingerbread dough on her blog. (I had lost my recipe down behind the stove!!) I hot glued strips of homespun on the back of the men so they wouldn't twist and turn. I love how it came out. Someday, I'll make a row of edible ginger bread men for the grandkids, but for now, it's just for show.
One of my 'German feather trees' and old stitchery I did many years ago. And my winter blocks that I bought from Kindra. I love to use real greens but they dry out so quickly with the heat on, so I use some good quality 'faux' greens in with the real thing.

Thank you for all the interesting and thoughtful comments on my last post questions. I guess most of us feel the pinch of time when it comes to blogging. We love meeting so many wonderful people, reading many wonderful stories and seeing the pictures of each other's homes and families and lives and getting to know each other. And we all do our best in our own way to get to our favorites as often as we can, while still maintaining that balance. I know I am thankful for what blogging has brought to my life. It has opened doors that I would never have walked through before. It has connected me to gals in all walks of life, at all ages, all over this great country and beyond! How exciting is that??!!
Now take a moment if you can to stop over at Leslie's My Country Home, to see what other bloggers are working on today! Until next time - hugs, Linda