Behind My Red Door

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still Giving Thanks!

Happy last day in November everyone!

It's almost new month and there is Christmas excitement in the air. At least Behind My Red Door there is. I love all the preparations and the fun of getting ready for Christmas. I am very late in shopping this year but it will get done and wrapped and under the tree in time. It always does. To me it is about so much more - especially the traditions. Every year for years and years DH has taken a good part of his vacation time in December and this year is no exception. I always had at least 2 weeks off from school, so we got to make some great traditions together. I'll share those as we go along this month. I love how I see him decompressing day by day and he really relaxes. I can tell it is starting when he plays Christmas Carols on his computer even as he works his tax, 401k and retirement planning strategies for the new year. This year he started before Thanksgiving - the planning AND the music. My early Christmas decorating must have rubbed off on him.
I am so thankful to have received some wonderful goodies in the mail this past week. I have the sweetest and most generous Webshots and blogging friends.

First, my sweet prim friend Sherri, over at Here Goes My Life, sent me this yummy smelling prim cinnamon heart. The cute tags says FRIENDS - isn't it sweet? I have it hanging off the wall lamp right next to my day bed and when the light is on, it fills the room with the scent. Sherri, I don't know where you found the time to make these wonderful hearts with all you have going on, but I thank you so very much!!
And I am very thankful to the very talented and crafty Debbie, over at Ribbonwood Cottage who sent me a package with not one but two Holiday Planners! How sweet and generous is that?!! She made the adorable one on the right and while she says it isn't practical, it is sitting right next to my monitor where I am jotting notes about all kinds of Holiday things. And I have to tell you even though I am super organized in most areas of my life somehow I have misplaced my Christmas Card List!!! UGH!! I have a folder that I keep it in, along with my Christmas gift list from last year, address labels, notes on what I gave the letter carrier and paper delivery person, extra money cards, etc. And that folder is stored 11 months of the year in a box marked Christmas and the box is stored on the shelf in the closet next to me. When I pulled the box out, I could not find the card list in either the box or the folder. I have no idea what has become of it. I can't believe it is missing. So now I have to start all over again but NOW I have this pretty and practical organizer on the left, and this won't get misplaced like a piece of card stock did. Thank you so very much Debbie! You saved the day with your thoughtfulness. I appreciate your kindness and generosity. And for those of you that don't know Debbie, you have to stop over and see her gorgeous tablescapes and all the great creations and treasures she makes with simple things like paper, fabric, ribbons, buttons and embellishments. She never ceases to amaze me.
And I am thankful to Pam, who is another talented lady, and a sweet friend from Webshots, (Pammikins601) because she stitched this absolutely wonderful Joy pillow for me. The back is the perfect dark red checked homespun, and the handle is braided from the same fabric (very clever!). I just love it. It is so colonial looking and I don't have anything like it. I decided it was much too special to go on the tree and it is hanging on the black jelly cupboard right behind me as I type. That way I get to enjoy it all the time. Thanks so much Pam for thinking of me and taking the time to stitch that with me in mind.
I am so grateful for all my Internet friends. I wish there was a way to gather you all together in my home so I could cook up a big meal and show my appreciation! And maybe we could do some prim crafts? !!!

I wanted to share a few pictures of most of my side of the family gathered for Thanksgiving Behind My Red Door.(and to show a few skeptics that we DO use this space Behind My Red Door) My brother and his family cook their own turkey and while they aren't here in person, they are in spirit. And you can be sure that every time we take a bite of our Potato Kugelis, we think of Allan! (we miss him and his family and his awesome spring rolls!)

Shortly, DH and I head over to our son's house as we are doggy sitting Brady while Jay and Ang are in Disney this week on their long awaited honeymoon. When Jay and Jen were much younger, we took them to Disney this same week - after the Thanksgiving crowds went home but before the Christmas and school break crowds show up - and it was perfect. Disney was all decked out with a million poinsettia's and hundreds of trees, but a fraction of the crowds. Jay and Ang researched and decided that was the perfect time for them as well and they have been waiting since May for this week. DH is sleeping at Jay's to keep Brady company, but I will head home in the evenings to our own bed - and my own computer :-).
DH's snoring is one thing, Brady's is quite another.
Until December - hugs, Linda