Behind My Red Door

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Goodbye Fall and Hello Christmas!

Did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We sure did Behind My Red Door. My side of the family gathered at our dining room table and enjoyed a great feast. We all came together in the cooperative spirit and everyone participated in making the meal. We long ago pared down the menu to our favorites, and everyone has their role. It's still a lot of work for me, but I enjoy hosting the day. I love that the day is about being thankful and sharing with those we love. With most of the crowd needing to move on to their better half's side of the family, all too soon the house was quiet again - except for DH snoring as he 'watched' the football games.

You all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall and I would never want to rush it away, but outside, it really does look like winter. Bare trees and shrubs, very little color, and everything is hibernating. It can look depressing if we don't stop and appreciate that this hibernation is just part of God's cycle of life and is part of the reason we are blessed with the glorious colors of fall that we do look forward to (not to mention every shade and hue of green come spring when it all comes to life again!). So, when the landscape is bare, save for some evergreens, and we are in a thankful mood, what we do hearty New Englanders do next?
We look forward to the blessed Christmas season of course! And it's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas Behind My Red Door! Actually is has been for several days now. We ate our turkey, my mom's meat stuffing-dressing, our traditional Lithuanian Potato Kugelis, our fresh cranberry-orange relish, sweet butternut squash, my apple pie and Pumpkin Crunch dessert, with fall themed napkins and plates, amidst all Christmas decor! It was actually quite festive and no one seemed to mind. That said, I am not sure I want to decorate before Thanksgiving every year, but it sure is nice to have it done this year, so now I can concentrate on other things as Christmas gets closer. And it is close! By the way, I got the Pumpkin Crunch recipe from Raquel over at Kitchen Mysteries and it was fabulous, easy to make the day ahead and is now a new 'staple' on our Thanksgiving Day menu. It replaces the Pumpkin Pie for the few us that like pumpkin!
I got the house all undecorated from fall extra early this year to take photo's for Mercantile Gatherings next issue that Twigs requested, and I got that CD sent out finally the week before last. Then I started decorating early for Christmas. I finished last Monday and in between dental appointments, career decisions, and Thanksgiving Day shopping and preparations, I took photo's for another special project. A Primitive Place is a brand new website dedicated to the Primitive and Colonial Decor and they have so kindly requested our home be their very first Holiday Featured Home!! The site offers tours of many primitive and colonial homes and exteriors as well as some great primitive crafting tips and there will even be shopping opportunities. Be sure to check it out! It is a work in progress and new photo's are added all the time.

Here are a few more pictures of the living room and dining room. I like to use greens much in the same way I used bittersweet in the fall. It's says Christmas instantly. I love the look of Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg,VA and Old Salem,NC and use them as inspiration and then add my own touch with family pieces, my Father Christmas collections, folk art and a few of my snowmen.

My finished wool wall hanging.

I love how this centerpiece came out.

Part of my Father Christmas collection.

To see a lot more of our Christmas Decor, click on this photo.


Among many other blessings this week, the very best we celebrated was Jay and Ang hearing the baby's heartbeat at Angela's routine prenatal visit yesterday. I was just tickled when they called on the way home from the appointment. It just adds to the excitement in the air.

When I come back next time, I have to share some goodies that arrived in the mail this week. I am constantly touched and moved by the kindness and generosity of my fellow bloggers!!

So until next time- many thankful hugs, Linda

(PS I have to apologize for not posting some tags and awards that came my way last week when I wasn't blogging- please forgive me )