Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks!

Dear blogging friends, I am so sorry I have been mostly absent the past week - there has been a lot going on Behind My Red Door and with several dear and close friends. I just didn't have it in me to be blogging when they have endured tragic losses in their lives - loss of loved ones - much too young as well as those who have lived long and fulfilled lives. Others have lost their jobs, their security, retirement income, and more. Our hearts are heavy and go out to each of them.

Behind My Red Door, we have not been immune. Thankfully, we have not lost a loved one. I have been having some dental pain that keep resurfacing for over 2 years now and really came to a head last week and was puzzling a team of experts. Finally, just today they found the cause, and I will have dental surgery in 2 weeks. I am so hopeful this solves the ongoing problem.

In other news, DH will be starting new employment after the first of the year. We have had some very tough decisions to make in the last week and those decisions are ongoing. Needless to say, it's added a little stress to our lives. We hope that by Monday, we will have some solid answers. I am so proud of this man for always doing what was right by his job and his family. He worked hard no matter what it took and his comfort often came second. We have always had a good life because of him. I am so thankful because this man is still providing for his family. Because we have so much. Because we want for nothing.

I am so thankful DH is humming along to Christmas carols as he works away on his laptop.

I am so thankful that he gets to enjoy a long well earned and well deserved vacation. It will be fun to have him around so much after all the traveling he has done for 2 years.

I am so thankful for his wise and thoughtful planning and his judicious saving. The wonderful home he has provided us all these years, the food on the table that we will enjoy this Thanksgiving Day, and the good times we will have because of his hard work.

I am thankful for the good thoughts and well wishes from our dear family, close friends this Thanksgiving week. They mean a lot.

I am thankful for this room full of craft supplies that will keep my hands, my heart and my mind busy during this time of many decisions.

I am thankful that my dental problem was finally discovered and there may be an end in sight!

And mostly I am thankful for the love of this wonderful, caring man. I know this will only bring us closer as we work together to decide our future. It will always be bright with him by my side.

To each of you reading this - I pray that God will bless your Thanksgiving with warmth and happiness and fill each day with the richness of His grace.

I'll be back some time after Thanks giving with some Christmas decor and some fun news. Until then - hugs, Linda