Behind My Red Door

Friday, November 7, 2008

Giving Thanks Behind My Red Door

A lot of fellow bloggers have been taking the opportunity this month to post about things they are thankful for. I think it is a great idea and very timely for me indeed so I am joining in.

Right now of course, I am over the moon thankful for this little life growing inside my DIL. Isn't this the cutest frame? I bought it at The Paper Store (Hallmark) yesterday. It's for Jay and Ang but I am enjoying it until we see them again this weekend. And I am thankful for the kindness, generosity and good will of Kimberly of Brown Bag Studios for sending me this adorable bib for my grand baby to be. What an incredible gesture. I love the fabric - and the back is lined with the softest flannel. The attention to detail is amazing. And it looks so nice in the dining room. We have an old youth chair in a very colonial design that goes well with our chairs. When it is time to take it down from the attic, I will paint it black and it will sit right next to my favorite red cabinet and the bib will be displayed there(when it is not in use!)

Look at the clever way Kimberly decorated the Brown Bag. She had it tied with twine and it had the cutest tag. And see her note card - that's the picture in her blog header. I was moved to tears when I opened it. My very first gift for my grand baby to be. I already thanked Kimberly, but I want to do so again here. You can be sure when this baby comes, I'll be posting pics of my first grandbaby wearing this! Do stop over and see her slide show because bibs are but one of her many gorgeous creations!!
I am so very thankful for my family of five. My sweet daughter Jen who affectionately calls me Mummy Bummy. I love YOU more stinky kid! My dear husband of 33 + years David, who is my rock, and THE BEST role model my kids could ever have. You are a good man DWR. My loving son Jay who is going to make an awesome father - just like his dad, and our new DIL Ang who adores my son and will make a sweet tenderhearted mom to my first grandbaby. I am blessed.

I am thankful that I live in this great country. Yes, there are things that need to be fixed and that won't happen over night, and we all have different ideas of what is broken and what isn't. But I don't know of a country that isn't broken somehow and the USA remains the greatest country on earth and I am so thankful I was born here. (with all due respect to my international friends)
I am thankful that I live in this wonderfully culturally diverse town, where Christians, Jews, Muslims and several other peace loving religions are practiced openly in places of worship, in homes and common gatherings without fear, any time of day or night, any day of the week they choose. Where each other's children attend school side by side and respect that diversity.
I am thankful for all the respectful, non judgemental bloggers who accept each other no matter whether we are young or old, no matter who we voted for, no matter the color of our skin, no matter the religion we practice, especially those who don't assume that someone didn't vote the same way they did is uneducated, ill informed, immoral and/or swayed by the hoopla and media. I certainly am none of those - but this is a not a political commentary so I won't debate this and enough said. Who support, encourage, and look out for each other. Who leave kind, humorous, and yes, sometimes even thought provoking comments for each other. What a wonderful group of human beings I have come to know in this journey.
And I am thankful that blogger offers this free service, so I can offer those sweet bloggers a fun giveaway on my next post. My 100th post. I have a very busy agenda Behind My Red Door the next few days, so I probably won't post the giveaway until Tuesday or so. I need some time to put a give away together. I'll be keeping up with you though - so make so please continue to support, encourage and look out for each other. It is one of the things my fellow bloggers do best.
Until next time - hugs, Linda