Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday, part 2

Is it really Wednesday? We have had some glorious fall days Behind My Red Door! I have been busy since we got home from Maine. Yesterday I made almost 10 quarts of chili to freeze for nice hot meals on cool weather days. I got some of the windows washed and that always makes me feel good. I still have a lot more to do but they will keep! Got the rest of our summer clothing packed away and did a little tweaking around the house. Today I made a batch of cranberry - yes cranberry - salsa and I'll share that recipe later this week. It freezes well so we'll use it this weekend when we entertain. David's folks are visiting from their beautiful home in SC on the golf course. They come home a few times a year and always try to make it up for the foliage. I'll have the them and the kids for dinner on Saturday.

And I just know that you are holding your breath waiting for more pics of our vacation, right?? Oh, stop groaning, I won't show you all 300!! That would bore even me!! :-) First though, I actually did work on my Father Christmas wool wall hanging while we were on vacation. If you look closely you can see I got a lot done and I really only have to blanket stitch the black boots, black crow and black mittens and the gold star, add facial features and then add the backing. Gee - that sounds like a lot but I really did get a lot done!! I have several weeks before I put my Christmas out though so I think I will get it done in time - maybe - I hope!

I had our mail held while we were away and when it came yesterday it was full of all kinds of goodies! Look at these fun Halloween tags from Kim. This is another of the R.A.K.s from the Primitive and Rustic Forum group I keep mentioning. I need to get some of my R.A.K.s sent out this week too. I am going to have a Halloween tree this year so the tags will go on that. So many of my blogging friends have inspired me to get one of my feather trees out and get it all decorated. Stay tuned for that!
And remember back here where I told you about my friend Karen's new online venture? She blogs over at the Yellow Farmhouse so make sure you check it out. Last week I placed an order for the needle punch gripper frame I needed to get started and I got some patterns too. I am going to start with the sweet little star. It looks pretty simple for a beginner. I hope to start this REAL soon and have something to show next Wednesday. That is if don't spend all my time looking at the foliage in my back yard and reading all your WONDERFUL blogs! And I got a nice big box Priority Mail. I knew what was inside and my heart started to beat faster. I could not open it fast enough and almost broke a nail ripping the tape off. I unwrapped the plastic to reveal my new colonial bed coverlet!! We have only been in a king sized bed for a few years and we just replaced the mattress and the new one is 13" compared the the 8" foam one we just got rid of (that's another story for another day UGH!!). My old quilt (which is OLD - as in wearing out old - not antique old) - no longer fit so I HAD to get something new and finally, I got what I have wanted for years!! I love the black and tan pattern. Family Heirloom Weavers in PA is indeed a family that has been in business a long time and I have coveted their coverlets for as long as I can remember. I am so happy to finally own one. I feel like it makes such a difference in our bedroom. Sometimes in a house with 1975 woodwork (that hubby likes as is- ick) with 1975 windows(again - ick) it is hard to make it look colonial. This goes a long way to helping. Yes, I know, we need a head board. We still haven't got one since we up sized because I don't want it to block the window. I can't decide what I want because a pencil post or colonial canon ball would be my first choices and they just won't work. So, for now, nothing. Any ideas?? And yes this is the only wall the bed fits on.
Good eyes - indeed that is my fall issue of Mercantile Gathering that just happens to be lying on the throw. I got all my fall photo's organized and DH burned them to a CD so I can mail those off to Twigs for next fall's issue. One more thing checked off my always growing list.

So back to our trip to Maine for all of you holding your breath. Did I loose any one? Friday was a mix of sun and clouds and a little rain at times, but that did not dampen my mood as we drove north into the woods of Maine. Who can be grumpy with color like this all around you??!!

This is where we stopped by a lake to have our lunch. Three was a picnic table under a covered area (whihc was good since it was drizzly) and it was so quiet and peaceful. Much of that road was in the midst of logging land. For miles and miles all we saw were an occasional logging truck and logging operations, then the horizon would open up to teeny little towns and a lot of farm land too.

Hey honey slow down!!
That's better!!

Isn't this just gorgeous??!!
We spent almost all day Friday just exploring the back roads. It was glorious! After dinner, we just relaxed with the fireplace on and I stitched while DH watched TV. And so as to not bore you and leave you in suspense, I'll finish the rest of the story and show you my goodies and where I put them NEXT time!

I hope your week is is wonderful so far. I hope that someone in your life has made you smile today. You make me smile and for that, I thank you!!

Until next time - hugs, Linda