Behind My Red Door

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Seeing Stars!!

Yes, I am seeing stars and no, I didn’t hit my head, and no, I didn't shake up my brain jumping up and down when I found out I am going to be a Grammy. And yes, to those who asked, I will go by Grammy. And it isn't because our beloved Red Sox aren't in the World Series this year. They did get much farther the Yankees so my brother Allan9aka traitor - the name given to any MA native who dares to be a Yankee fan) is having a harder time finding ways to rib me about the Sox . I usually just ignore his taunting emails - why bother since the past few years since they have had a better record than his Yankees including AHEM - some World Series wins if I remember correctly! (does this count as a blog mention to you bro? hehehehe)

No, you see as I was dusting this weekend, my Swiffer duster (I love that thing!) kept getting stuck on some of the pointy edges of the stars around the house. Then I started looking around the house and then at all my photos on file and realized I am indeed seeing stars. Here are just some of my favorites 5 point or more stars, inside and out.

I am off to do lunch and see a movie with a dear friend. I hope you too are having a great start to your week!! I'll be back on Wednesday so until then, hugs - Linda