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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family, Soldiers and Values

Yup, that's my grand baby to be. Angela had an ultra sound and saw the Dr. today and all is well. She is only 6 weeks along with a tentative due date of June 26, 2009, which surprised all of us. We thought for sure she was several weeks further along. She is a bit disappointed that it potentially means another 6 weeks of morning into afternoon nausea. Poor thing is feeling pretty green these days! I pray that it doesn't last that long.


Heather over at Summerstead is helping to bring back an old project. This is from her blog:

Veterans Day is less than two weeks away. In honor of our veterans, I have decided to host a “Knit your Bit” event. Knit your Bit is a program the Red Cross started in WWI and brought back again in WWII. Then, the American men and women (and even children) at home were asked to knit items that could be sent overseas to help keep our soldiers warm. Recently, Knit your Bit has come back through various organizations, asking people to knit or crochet items that can be given to our veterans.It breaks my heart to know that there are many men and women who are now living in nursing homes around the country, whose families rarely (and sometimes) never visit. I am asking for your help to bring a little joy into the lives of our veterans. There are a few ways you can help, whether you're a knitter or not:

1- Knit or crochet an item such as a scarf, hat, or an afghan

2- Quilted items (lap blankets, and I’ve also seen quilted scarves) are welcome

3- If you’re not a knitter, crocheter, or quilter, but would still like to help, I am also accepting monetary donations to help with the cost of postage

4- If none of the above options appeal to you, a simple note of thanks to our veterans would also be very much appreciated

I have already chatted with Heather and I am going to make a card or tag to go with each item donated so that is already taken care of. If you can help in one of the other ways, please click on the name of her blog. Thanks so much!


Speaking of cards, Kelli over at There's No Place Like Home is hosting a Paper Crafting Thursday. She always has the prettiest paper creations so go on over and check it out!

I have been making all my own cards for several years now for birthdays, holidays, special events and for cancer patients and other worthy causes. It is a creative outlet for me and we always need cards! Here are just a few of my creations. If you click on the Halloween card, it will take you to slide show of some of my other card creations.
I had a ChemoAngel buddy who LOVED chickens.


Brettinsky over at The Hostess with the Mostess has awarded me with this Kreative Blogger award. She is a fairly new blogger and she has some wonderful and creative ideas for keeping a home and being a wonderful hostess!! It's worth a trip over there. Thanks so much Brettinsky, I really appreciate the award.

The rules of the "Kreativ Blogger" Award are as follows:
Acknowledge the person who sent it to you.
Pick 6 people who deserve this award to tag. I think all my blogging friends are creative, so please feel free to grab this award if you so choose!
List 6 things that you do value and 6 that you don't value!

So here we go:

6 Things I Value:
1. My Faith - I know I don't mention it much because it's very personal to me, but it's #1
2. My Family - Especially my DH who works tirelessly for us
3. My Friends - The older I get, the more I value my friendships
4. This country
5. Freedom
6. The Internet

6 Things I Don't Value:
1. Liars
2. Cheats
3. Lazy people
4. Self righteous people
5. Close minded people
6. Violence


A big thanks to Jeanette who gave me another source for the Valdani thread and it is less expensive than where I got it and they ship it free to US and Canada! We like free! Jeanette, If you have any questions you want answered, please include your email address or blog address with them. If you have a blog, I can't get to it by clicking on your name. Thanks!

Wow that was a long post - just when yesterday I said I might not post as often too. I don't think I'll be posting again until next week, so Happy Halloween and have a great weekend everyone. We will be raking some of the leaves putting more of the yard to rest for the winter. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep when get we turn our clocks back Saturday into Sunday.

Until next time - hugs, Linda