Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Autumn Glow

Happy Tuesday everyone! This is a short post because Blogger has been giving me trouble for a few days. I couldn't upload pics, and sometimes I couldn't leave messages before Blogger timed out. But all seems to be working well again, so here I am.

We have had more perfect fall weather here in Central Ma and I have been soaking it all in. Today my dear friend Chris and I went back to Pickity Place for the October menu and it was just delightful. It was sunny all the way up and the maples are just giving us a fantastic show this fall. They are glowing with every shade of red, orange and yellow. The wet weather this summer is partly the reason the local horticulturalists are telling us. We are so blessed to have so many weeks of glowing color with so many different varieties of maple that turn at different times. Chris feels the same way about the crisp fall weather and foliage as I do, so she is the perfect companion to take a drive with. I don't know who said "Ooooh and aaaaaw" more as we took the leisurely drive north and spotted one bright maple after another - her or me!! Sometimes in unison!

We had one the best meals ever at Pickity Place. There was a slight chill to air despite some bright sun, so we were eager to get inside the centuries old house and warm up with a mug of spicy mulled cider. And if we weren't warmed up yet, next came a steamy hot cup of roasted yellow pepper soup with a slight kick to it. Next came a warm and yeasty pumpkin cranberry bread with pumpkin spice butter and an apple cheddar slaw with a caraway vinegretter, and then 1/2 Roasted Game hen over Pancetta Wild Rice with Maple Glazed Baby Carrots, and followed up by warm Apple Crisp with a teeny scoop of Cinammon Spice ice cream for dessert - and more hot mulled cider to ward off the chill before we headed back outside. It was a most delicious fall meal through and through. We sat next to one of the fireplaces which had a huge cornucopia on the mantel, overflowing with pumpkins and gourds. For pics of Pickity from our last trip, click here.

We decided to skip the side trip to Frye's as we both are keeping the economy in mind, so we headed home and enjoyed more of the foliage on the drive. When I got home, I walked down the hall into our bedroom. The room just seemed to be glowing because outside the corner windows, was this view.

I can't even begin to explain how gorgeous it is in our back yard. I quickly took several photos as it is getting dark and about to rain, but none of them do justice to the masses of color. It is just a sight to behold!! And right outside my window!! It doesn't get any better than that!

While I was in our bedroom, I realized that I haven't shown you where I put my whale tail shelf and hanger from my new prim friend Jill. I put an autumn candle and ring on the shelf, and both made their new home in our bedroom.
I hung my Christening dress on the hanger and it is perfect. And the whale tail shelf is perfect on the same wall. Thanks again Jill! I will treasure them always.

During our ride to Pickity, I had the opportunity to share with Chris about some of the wonderful gals I have met on the Internet through blogging, forums and Webshots. I told her about the outright gifts, swaps, RAK's, Pay It Forwards, fund raisers and other kind things I have seen and am blessed to be a part of. I have to say, as I was talking about all of you, I got such a warm feeling and I felt like I was puffing up with pride for all my wonderful online friends. With so much sadness and tragedy making the headlines in the paper and on TV every day, I am so glad I get to come online and read the headlines and see all the pictures from all of you instead! It is a daily reminder of all the good, all the wonderful, kind, caring and generous people in the world. Just like the fiery colors from the maples in my back yard, you add a warm glow to my autumn days, and I thank each and everyone of you!!
Until next time - hugs, Linda