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Friday, September 5, 2008

Part two of my bittersweet experience

TGIF - can you believe the first week of September is coming to a clsoe already?
It realy seeemd to fly by with the Monday holiday, didn't it?
Before I get to part two, I need to take care of some business - work first then play! Once again, I have been honored to receive the Primitive Excellence Blog Award. Julie over at Country Girl at Heart, Gina over at CatNap Inn Primitives and Chrissy over the big pond at The Primitive Cornish Hovel - have all bestowed the ever so cool award on my blog. Thanks ladies, I am so glad you enjoy my prims. It is so nice to do what I would be doing even if I hadn't started this blog, and be now able to share it with so many other prim gals!

Well the jury is still out. Harvesting bittersweet this early certainly seems to have affected the color of the fruit. It must not be ripe enough. Instead of a dark orange color, the fruit is bright orange - almost neon! I am not sure if I like it but after all the work I did,
it's staying~ LOL! And yes,
as a few bloggers commented, it is tedious and labor intensive, but it is as much a part of my decorating routine as making Valentines, coloring Easter Eggs, or decorating for Christmas. It just isn't fall around here until I have my bittersweet! It is still early to get all my pumpkins and gourds and the outside decorating needs to wait a bit, but for now, the main living areas are decorated. The bittersweet enhances my other fall decor, but even where there is no fall decor,
you'll see it gives my every day prims the right touch. It's bound to change as more of the seasons bounty is harvested and as Halloween gets close, but for now,
I hope you enjoy this early fall tour!


If I haven't bored you yet and you want to see these and even more pics of my fall decor, there will be a photo on the top of the right hand column to click on and it will take you to a slideshow of my early fall decor album.

I have an fun afternoon starting with lunch with an old friend who is in town from Florida. We were charge nurses together in a nursing home when we were just 21 and we made a great team. We were both old souls - mature before our time and both great at orgainzing things and we ran our floors like clock work. We both also loved our residents and they loved us. I stayed there until just before Jay was born. Karen moved several years ago and so it's been almost 10 years so I can't wait to catch up. EMail is great, but the real thing is better! DH and I have a surprise birthday party to go to on Sunday for one of his pals so we are looking forward to that as well.
In the meantime, we are keeping a close on Hanna. DH's folks live in a beautiful golf community just inland from Myrtle Beach so we are praying they don't sustain any serious wind or rain damage. They are right on a pond so the threat of minor flooding is there when too much rain comes all at once. And then MA is supposed to be hit by heavy rains and winds on Sunday. We are to far inland to get the worst of it, but localized flooding and downed branches is always a possibility and coastal erosion is a real danger.
My friend Mary over at Gettysburg Homestead still faces the possibility of being deployed if there is a need after Hanna or the next storm do their thing, so please continue to keep her, other rescue personnel and the residents whose homes and livelihoods are in the path of these next two potential disasters. It certainly puts the unwelcome heat that came back into perspective. I shall not whine about that this weekend.
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Until next time - hugs, Linda