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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Home on the Hill and Fall Fun with a Fabulous Friend!

HAPPY FALL! I can officially say that finally - yeah!!
The first day of fall was pretty dreary but yesterday - day two was a gem. My dear friend Chris and I headed north just over the NH border to Pickity Place for another awesome luncheon. Above is the pretty scene that greeted us as we entered the gift shop. Chris had the idea that once each month this fall we head to Pickity. Because the menu changes each month, there is something new to look forward to each time and I am more than happy to be her luncheon campanion any time.
This is what we dined on yesterday:

Garden Patch Dunk Dip
Cumin Corn Chowder
Fennel and White Bean Salad
Parmesan Herb Bread
Ripe Tomato Four Cheese Lazagne
Yellow and Green Bean Saute
Carrot Spice Cake with Ginger Frosting

Everything was delicious! The portions are not huge so we managed to eat it all. The see pics of this incredibly quaint restaurant in an antique cape in the woods of southern NH go here.

As we left Pickity Place, there was some gorgeous foliage. It's a bit hazy because I was pointing towards the sun but you can see the brilliant colors in this grove. It was breathtaking. And that's just a hint of what the entire landscape will look like soon!

After my last post and the mention I made about tags, awards and memes and how much time they take and how I refuse to leave anyone out or assume anyone wants to spend all the time it takes to post an award, several blogging friends mentioned they were glad I brought it up. It seems that many of you are also as honored as I am to receive awards, but you also have a hard time finding the time to post and link back and single out others and link those those blogs and many also told me they too hate to leave anyone out. I was really just echoing what others had mentioned, so I was happy to pass it on but I am really glad I did.

What makes it even more interesting is that I also heard from several non-blogging friends who read my blog and many of yours as well. They said they read our blogs for our stories, our recipes, our crafts, pics of family, friends, home and travels and things like that. Two friends told me they feel like the awards and some of the tags take away from why we blog and they won't even bother to read those posts. That REALLY got me to thinking about why I started blogging in the first place and I can see their point. I have been blessed to have made many wonderful blogging friends and like my friends, I want to see your stories, recipes, crafts, family, friends, homes and travels too. Is anyone else feeling this way? I am curious!

Several times I have mentioned my Kathy from New Brunswick. We met through our Webshots Albums of our homes and hit it off and find more in common every week it seems. I just LOVE her Home on the Hill. And if you are a Mercantile Gathering fan, I mentioned here that her home will be in the upcoming Christmas issue. But YOU don't have to wait until that issue comes out as I have the pleasure of showing you all some pics of her lovely Home on the Hill all decked out for fall. Kathy's home is filled with family heirlooms and most of the new wonderful reproduction furniture is hand made by her talented husband Stephen. Then Kathy's uses her talent to make many of the accessories and finishing touches and when it is all done, it is, well, in my opinion, decorating magic!! She has just enough, never too much, placed just right to make the most tastefully decorated colonial prim home you can imagine. But you don't have to imagine - here we go....

Let's start outside her pretty red cottage with the pretty yellow doors.....

And now we are in the hallway - imagine being greeted by this lovely scene....

We'll move into the kitchen and dining room where you can just picture having a lovely meal...

And now we'll retire to the warm and cozy living room...

Wasn't that fun? To see many more pictures of Kathy and Stephen's Home on the Hill, you can click here to their albums. It's worth the time! Thank you Kathy and Stephen for letting us have this peak into your home.

Our sweet daughter Jen came to dinner tonight. Jen and her boyfriend Justin live in town in a big old apartment in a big old house owned by our friends Tom and Sue. Justin is working in Washington, DC this week so my DD is alone at dinner time. I couldn't let that happen every night so I made one her favorite fall meals - steak on the bone (read T-bone or Porterhouse -that is what she has called it since she was little), Mamma's rice pilaf (mamma is my mom and she makes her pilaf from scratch) and butternut squash fresh from the farm. My little girl has champagne taste on a beer budget! I don't get to spoil her too often anymore so I was happy to do it tonight. David and I didn't get to the orchard on Sunday, so Jen and I plan to go tomorrow. We haven't done that together in years!! I can't wait.

Until next time - hugs, Linda