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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feelin like Fall and My Top 10

Sniff sniff - can you smell it? Fall is in the air!! After a humid and VERY rainy Saturday - thanks to Hanna, Sunday and Monday were just delightful but still seasonably warm. Yesterday was rainy and warm then rainy and cool, so not so good. BUT today - PERFECTION! Cool and crisp. With the house almost all decked out, it really is feeling like fall.

Speaking of Saturday, we took an unexpected trip across the border - to NH that is! When I found out we had to do that, I wasn't going without a prim shop stop along the way. Right after lunch DH and I set out - but not until I grabbed my Country Register and looked at the map on the last page and found a shop close to the border. There are several ways we can get to NH within an hour so the shop I chose would determine which way we would go. When we got there I found the shop was small and very sweet with not a lot of choices but I still found something. With the coupon I had, I got this really neat trencher. I have eyed it in the past in other shops, but the coupon did the trick this time. I quickly filled it with these sweet mini pumpkins and some Indian corn but it's bound to change any day now!

If you aren't familiar with it, Country Register is a little newspaper that is published 6 times a year and each state has their own edition. All of my favorite Country and Prim shops advertise in the MA edition. They also have great recipes, articles about collectibles, antiques and other fun articles. The shopkeepers that advertise in it, carry it in their stores and they are free if you grab one there. You can click HERE for the website and then click PUBLISHERS to find your state's edition and how to get one.

Because it is Whatcha Working On Wednesday over at Leslie's, I'll show you the sweet little Halloween ornie I made for a fundraiser. A group I belong to is having a Halloween ornie auction for a prim friend. I used a rusty wire with little rusty bells on each end for the hanger and filled it with some dried sweet Annie. This cute little guy is reversible.

I am also joining Carolyn over at Cranberry Crossings and listing my Top 10Favorite Things About Fall. It wasn't easy stopping at 10, and at any given time, this items and their position on the list may change a bit (except #1 - that won't ever change) but here goes:

1. cool days and even cooler nights

2. foliage

3. soup, stews and casseroles

4. snugly warm clothes

5. apple pie - MINE especially!

6. pumpkin soup, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins

7. scarecrows, mums and bales of hay

8. long rides in the country and get away weekends

9. spicy fall scents

10. Thanksgiving

Okay, I know that is technically more than ten, but you don't mind if I cheat a little, do you? I'd really love to see your top ten and I give you permission to cheat a little as well. Shhhhhh - don't tell the blogger police and I won't either!

A few times I have mentioned that I joined a RAK group over at the Primitive and Rustic forum. The group is quite large so it will be going on for some time now so I'll probably be showing more RAK's as I send out more and receive more. I sent out several more RAK's last week and I received a package from down under from Ann H. She sent me some 'Australian kitchenalia' as she called it. Isn't this the sweetest old kangaroo cookie cutter and really neat old zester? They have joined their American cousins in my utensil box. Thanks Ann!

Awhile back I also mentioned that I was doing a Fall Swap with my friends Karen over at My Yellow Farmhouse and Kathy of Home on the Hill. I can now show you what I sent them because they both have received their boxes.

See the cute little pumpkin graphic on all of the tags I designed and made?

That cute little graphic was my inspiration for this cute little wool applique picture on linen. I know Kathy and Karen are talented seamstresses and I wanted to make something of my own design that they wouldn't think of. This cute little frame can stand or hang on the wall.
I also included some pumpkin napkins, a pumpkin spice cheesecake mix, some post it notes in it's own little cover with a - you got it - pumpkin design, a pumpkin Yankee candle (made in MA!!) and Boston Baked Beans ( yes, I know they aren't pumpkin they are made in MA!!)
I hope they enjoy their gifts!

As soon as both gals have their other packages, I'll show you the wonderful treasures I received!

As we go through the lovely season of Autumn together, my wish for each of you is this ...

Rich vibrant colors.
Clear sunny days.
Cool crisp nights.
Endless star filled skies.

Until next time - hugs, Linda

PS - I just read that Mary over at Gettysburg Homestead is once again waiting for the word to see if she needs to go to the gulf - depending on Ike. If so, she will leave tomorrow 9/11. Please keep her, the gulf residents, and the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 in your thoughts and prayers as we face this sad anniversary. Thanks!