Behind My Red Door

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

I can't believe it's Wednesday again and time to show off projects. Well for me the biggest project around here is and will be for some time, our family room or lower level of our home. Just to recap, we used it all the time when the kids were little but then they each had a few years of having it as their own suite in their early twenties. Just last fall Jen moved out and I have been working on it ever since - painting the very ugly paneling and then deciding what to use the room for. We have decided to once again use it for big family gatherings. Jay is thrilled - we can put snacks up on the bar and Brady can't reach!!

Just so happens that Jay and Angela are doing some makeovers in their home too. When Jay bought his own house 4 years ago, he was very much a bachelor so he took whatever anyone gave him for furniture. Now they are making it their own and we got back a chair I had given him. I had it many years ago and while it's not the perfect plaid, it isn't horrid so it helps make extra seating down here and freed up my other plaid chair for another spot.

I did move several of my game boards down there and hung my tavern sign. The wall behind the bar is long and the space is tight so I am limited as to what I can hang on that wall. I will add more as time goes on and I intend to get a cabinet to put on the right end of the wall, over the sink for glassware. I am constantly thinking ahead as to how I will use this room with grand kids in the picture someday.
Because I got my old chair back, I was able to rearrange this end of the room somewhat. Before:
After. It's getting there.
I have something to replace the ottoman. I'll get to that soon.
I took this bench out of the front hall and found a new home for it in the family room.

I have had a little maple table of my grandmother's for years and it has never been my style. Jen used it for awhile so I wasn't concerned that it didn't 'go' in my house. But I finally decided to make it more to my liking. It's lines are still too busy and detailed for me, but I like having a piece of Nany's and it found a new home.

Nany's table before:
And after in it's new home in our front entry (where the bench used to be).
It will be the perfect display for season pieces.
In the before picture of the family room, you can see a little red table. But it too needed a change and here it is back in the same place after.
And this is my next painting project! My mom got this old steamer trunk in the 70's I think and painted it to match her color theme back then. Jay has used it for 4 years and this too came home with me this weekend. Once I paint it, remove some weird hardware my mom added and dull down the gold nail heads and hardware, it will be the perfect coffee table for the family room.

And don't forget ....

I am soooooo ready for fall!
My stash is ready and I am working on the rules for entries.

Details will be unveiled FRIDAY!!
Until next time - hugs, Linda