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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

Happy wet BUT FINALLY COOL Wednesday. This sure has been the wettest summer on record here in our little NE town. If there was even a 1% chance of rain, we got it. It has caused several environtmental problems in our area so I am really hoping it dries out soon - but the first chance for much sun is Sunday. That sure would be a blessing!

I got so many kind comments about my post based on the email Jen sent me. She didn't write itit has been around for sometime, but it sure meant a lot to me to have her send it on to me with
the special comments she added just for me. Adult kids are such fun!!

I have finally gotten back to working on some of the projects in my Idea Journal. Just in time for Whatcha Workin on Wednesday over at Leslie's. I opened my journal on Sunday and went eeny meeny miney moe and picked out a few things I really needed to finish.

First I finished a Fall Swap I am doing with 2 special online friends, Karen and Kathy. I can't show you those pics yet (don't you hate being teased like that?) because they read my blog and we aren't mailing them for awhile. I was initially hesitant to do one. First, because Country Sampler was coming and I didn't know when for weeks, and more so because Kathy and Karen are very talented ladies. If you go over to Karen's blog or Kathy's Home on the Hill albums, you can see that they each do a wide range of sewing, applique and stitching work. And all of it is just quality work. What could I do that they have never seen or done themselves? But once I decided I needed to get past that and join in the fun, I got really excited and I got really into it. I came up with something simple but perfectly prim and something I think they will both enjoy. And now it is finished. I love crossing things off my list because it makes more room to add something else!

Then I got busy and made the Wool Fall Leaf Candle Mat I have had under What's in the Works. This took a lot more time than I anticipated because of all the little points on each leaf. I used to do a lot of applique with felt in the 90's - mostly making sweatshirts with themes for school, and cutesy little country wall hangings. Just recently I started using real wool which has been felted first (not the same as wool felt) and I am hooked. The trouble with being hooked is that while primitive shops are abundant in my area, fabric shops and specifically fabric shops that sell wool, are hard to find. Karen will soon be opening an online shop and I will be able to get wool and supplies from her. I can't wait and I'll make sure to post when it happens and give you the link as well. That is after I buy out all her wool and prim patterns ....

I have just a few more pieces of wool and so I started this fall pillow. I need to add the back and stuff it. This came together very quickly.

And I promised myself I would get back to work on a sampler I started YEARS ago and never finished. I wish I had used more subdued colors but once I age it, it will be good to go. I love colonial samplers that are inspired by something you might find in the homes of those who setled this area long ago.

And before I go, just a reminder - I am soooooo ready for fall so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for my "FINALLY FALL IS ALMOST HERE" GIVEAWAY! My stash for that is growing. I am working on the rules for entries and there will be more details to follow in due time!

So until next time - hugs, Linda