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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Treasures in the mail, some thanks and a baby shower!

The mail brought several goodies this week! I am participating in a RAK group with several gals from the Primitive and Rustic Forum I belong to. (The link is below my blog roll.) We each answered a questionnaire and each member of the RAK group got the questionnaire answers of everyone else - like birthdays, what we collect, favorite season, favorite holiday, favorite colors etc. We can choose when and what and how to send at any time and any way we want. I have sent out about 10 RAKs so far and this week I received my first two. I have already personally thanked the ladies who sent to me, and I because I don't have their permission to use their names, I won't. The first RAK I received was this scented silicone bulb. It smells all spicy when the lamp is on -so cool. I put it in the candlestick lamp on my computer desk and it looks great. I only use that lamp in the evening when I was just a touch of light and the new bulb gives the room, just the right amount of glow!!

The other RAK I received is this very interesting kitchen tool. It is dated 1927 inside. The front edge is sharp so the sender and I both think it might be a melon ball maker of some sort. If anyone out there knows differently, I'd love it if you would let us know.

This is how it looks opened up.
It has already joined some of my other old kitchen utensils. I LOVE it!!
Coincidentally, one of the gals in the same forum is traveling from CA to MA in September with her hubby and posted a question asking about prim shops, antiquing and historic sites in MA. I put together a package of ideas including brochures and the MA Country Register and sent it to her. Even though I was happy to help her and expected nothing in return, she sent me this adorable wool Jack O'Lantern on a stick as a thank you. Doesn't he look great sitting in the basket of sweet annie on my settle bench? Do you think he minds that he clashes with the red paint?

I am not sure if he will stay there when I get my fall decor out next weekend, but I don't think he will mind hanging out there until then, so PLEASE don't let on that he is the wrong color! What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

See my new handmade dishcloth? Would you believe it is the first one I have ever had?

I have been a sponge gal my whole life. But so many people I know have been making and talking about hand knit or crocheted dish clothes and now I get to try one - thanks to Marie over at A Little Country on the Shore. This was the PIF I signed up for. Didn't she do a nice job? And look at the adorable tag attached to it. Thanks Marie! I can't wait to try it out!!


Saturday morning I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower for one of Jen's best friends, Alana. Alana (Lani) and Jen have been best friends ever since middle school and it has been fun to watch her grow into a fine young woman. Lani kept in touch with me through her college years via email and I was one of the first to know about her engagement on New Year's eve of her senior year. When I signed on to AOL New Year's Day that year, there was a very cute email from a very excited young lady. It was so much fun knowing she was thinking of me in the middle of the night and that I was important enough to share in her special news so quickly.

A few short years ago we attended her wedding to Mike. He is a great guy and they make an adorable couple. During college, they spent their summers together working at a Christian children's camp and forged a solid relationship.

Lani and Jen on Lani's wedding day:

And now Lani is going to be a mom! I can hardly believe it! She looked so cute at the shower and the girls recreated the cute pose from the wedding.

Mike and Lani opening gifts. Amidst a sea of pink and ruffles and pastels, there was one outfit on the registry that had Mike's fingerprints all over. Despite being a Minnesota native, he has become a loyal Patriots fan - I knew I liked him right away!!

Lani said baby Linea will wear it in the house ONLY! LOL
Here's the gang from high school - Sue, Jen, Lani, Michelle, Lauren (due on the same day as Lani with a girl as well ) and Jacqui. Poor Jen has a horrid summer cold and was not feeling well so her face was all red and puffy. Except for these quick pictures, she stayed farrrr away from the mom's to be !!

Lani and Mike, David and I wish you and soon to be born Linea, all the blessings life has to hold!


Last night we doggy sat while Jay and Ang went to a wedding and I brought my stitching to keep me busy while David and Brady played ball and wrestled. I am working on some little wool fall pillows and I hope to have them all ready for Whatcha Working On Wednesday even though Leslie might not officially host it this week. She and her family are at the Grange Fair all week making great memories!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Until next time - hugs, Linda