Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some goodies, I've been tagged and an announcement!

Happy Tuesday!! I hope the week is treating you all well. Other than the weather woes, all is good Behind My Red Door. I have been busy with some small fall projects but more about that tomorrow.

I have to share some goodies the man in brown delivered here yesterday. Our family room is still very much a work in progress but one thing I want to do it give it a more pub or tavern like feel because of the bar. I won't be getting the tavern cage I want, but I'll do the best I can do make it feel warm and cozy. I decided I needed the perfect tavern sign and I knew just who I would have make it. Isn't it wonderful??!! Our yard is bordered on two sides by a brook so I think the same suits us well. As usual, Kindra did a perfect job on it!! I just love it and I will be working on the family room some more in the next several weeks and months, so once it is hung, I will post a picture. I also saw a birdhouse that Kindra made for Karen and I had to have one as well. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! I have been collecting birdhouses for years in hopes of someday having a screened in porch to display them. DH plans on retiring early and it socking away funds for that so I don't know WHEN I will get one but it's on my vision board so I KNOW I will. For now, I put the bird house on my green slant back cupboard at the end of the hall - between my office and our master bedroom. You can see down the hall from the opposite end of the house and where ever you go on the main living level so I will get to enjoy it constantly through out the day.
If you haven't see her wonderful work yet, stop by Kindra's blog or her Etsy called Momma's Primitives and check out her work. She does everything just perfectly prim. I find her work to be very tasteful, her prices are great and her service is top notch.

I have been tagged by sweet Katie over at Humming Bird Chats. I have to tell you seven random and/or strange things about me and then tag four more people just for the fun of it! I can be very strange so this was easy! LOL

1. I sleep with ear plugs. I am a light sleeper and I need all the help I can get!

2. I can’t wear pajama pants to bed. My legs get the creepy crawlies so it has to be a nightie.

3. I love corn. Fresh corn, corn on the corn, canned corn, creamed corn, corn bread, corn muffins, corn pudding, corn chowder, corn casserole, corn fritters, corn tortillas, corn dogs, corn waffles, corn chips, corn nuts and I love to thicken things with corn flour (masa). Did I leave any corn things out? Have a great corn recipe? Please share!

4. I hate mushrooms. I can taste or feel one a mile away. PLEASE don’t tell me they have no taste! If they didn’t have any taste, people wouldn’t pay for them or put them in and on so many foods. They smell and taste like fungus to me. Sorry to all my sweet mushroom living friends. But just think - that means more for you!

5. I can hear and smell things long before everyone else can. I’ll tell them that there is a fire somewhere and my family will say I am imagining things – until the fire truck went goes the house 5 minutes later or we see black smoke pouring out someone’s window.

6. I am a very visual person. I could walk through your house and describe it perfectly to someone else. Right down to the missing handle on the cabinet to the left of the stove. Maybe that’s why I am always fussing with my house? Edited: I need to clarify - I don't go looking for imperfections -I promise that's not what I meant. I just see and can RECALL details - whether it is a missing handle or the pattern on your dishes or quilt or a myriad of other details. They seem to register in my brain.I promise I am not looking for something out of place! :-)

7. I have CRS – Can’t Remember Stuff or Mentalpause – I just can’t remember which one! So if I have already told you these about me, forgive me. Did I tell you I have CRS?

Did you notice most everything has to do with my 5 senses? I have sensory intergration issues. I can't begin to tell you what a relief it was to study about them in my early childhood classes when I was an adult. To finally know it was not my fault and that there is a difference between being fussy and not being able to neurologically integrate things. If you have a child that seems overly sensitive about things like seams in their socks, or loud noises or smells or tastes, please do me and your child a BIG favor and don't call them fussy or get upset. Chances are they can't help it.

And the four gals I tag are:

Tumble over at Tumbleweed Twinspiration Station.

Jenn over at Stampin Angel Jenn's

Tress over at the Cozy Parsonage

and Carolyn at Cranberry Crossings

We'd love to know more about your quirks!

And I have to close with this really big tease! I am soooooo ready for fall so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for my "FINALLY FALL IS ALMOST HERE" GIVEAWAY! I have been collecting a nice prize box full of great fall goodies to give away to some lucky winner. More details to follow in due time!

Until next time - hugs, Linda