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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exciting news!!

I am soooo excited!! Several times I have mentioned my friend Kathy and her wonderful - Home on the Hill. Kathy and her husband Stephen built the beautiful cottage 8 years ago as their retirement home and it just gets better and better. I adore everything about their home and I am always in awe of all the wonderful treasures she and Stephen make. I just cannot contain myself any longer!! Kathy just announced that Mercantile Gatherings magazine is featuring their home in the Winter/Christmas issue this year!! After being asked to be in a future issue, last December they had a photographer take photo's of their home all decked out for Christmas and they were sent to the magazine as the featured home in this year's Christmas. It has been a long wait for them, but luckily WE don't have to wait that long. This is the 2005 Christmas Issue.

For all you gals who leave me such kind messages about my home, you haven't seen anything yet and you are in for a very big treat. I am going to give you a glimpse into the beautiful abode known as Home on the Hill - grab a tissue before you drool!! Everything from the inside out is just wonderful.

Here is the entry to the back porch. See - isn't this welcoming?!!

And this is the new fence, arbor and patio Stephen built this summer. Just breath taking if you ask me! Oh and he made the chairs and the bench too and Kathy put it all together soooo pretty!

This is in her hallway ... simply perfect huh??!!

This is in her bathroom /laundry room. Yes, Stephen made that shelf too and Kathy did the stitchery.

He made these cabinets as well - aren't they soooooooo pretty?? Doesn't Kathy display everything just right? I think so!!
Quick - use the ladies room and get another drool rag. I'll give you a minute....

All ready? Here we go....

Stephen made 2 of these stools ...Kathy did the display!

This old pantry was her grandmother's - isn't it just beautiful? The patina on the wood is so pretty. Stephen made the shelf and the frame for the sampler Kathy stitched. Kathy made the candle bag. I could look at this a zillion times!

This is over the church pew which is inside their front door. Kathy made the peahens, the stitchery, and the seed bag. Stephen made the hanging candle shelf and I think he made the black shelf too.
Here is a view with the pew and shows the pillows Kathy made.

This little cabinet just recently had a redo. Stephen made it several years ago and recently changed the color and Kathy did the stitchery on the wall and made the little pillow inside. She has the best eye for arranging things.

This little vignette is in the master bedroom. It is just so sweet!

Do you want to see LOTS more of Kathy and Stephen's beautiful home? Click here and it will bring you to their Home on the Hill albums. (Each little photo you will see when you click on that represents an entire album.) Make sure you grab a cold drink and a snack, lock the door and put a do not disturb sign on it and plan to spend some time saying Ohhhhhhhhhh and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh and that is sooooooooo gorgeous and wow!! I do every time I see a new picture and even when I go back and look at them again. When I need inspiration for a new display, and I am not grabbing the books and magazines I use for inspiration, I am going back to Kathy's albums. I haven't yet had the pleasure of an in person tour, but Kathy and I share photo's a few times a week, and so I get to see her lovely home often and I never get enough!
So make sure you find out how to get the Winter 2008 issue of Mercantile Gatherings - you will NOT be sorry.

Thank you Kathy and Stephen for letting me share my enthusiasm for your home. It's too pretty to keep all to myself!

Until next time - hugs, Linda

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