Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crisp Cool Air, and Whatcha Working on Wednesday

What a glorious Wednesday it is Behind My Red Door! We had a chill in the air, and I so enjoyed pulling the big heavy quilt up last night and putting my big old long hooded sweatshirt robe on this morning. I opened the back door and breathed in the cool crisp air as I sipped my cup of coffee. It is days like this that I truly enjoy. It is warmer this afternoon but will cool down tonight. My perfect kind of day.

To me, there is a particular feeling when fall comes around. Like I can feel it in my soul, in my heart, down deep inside. A feeling of peace and comfort, of hot dog roasts and bonfires, of autumn leaves frisking in the wind while the warm sun smiles down upon the fields laden with harvest. There is an uplift that makes your heart sing, swell to near bursting, a feeling of love. A mellow feeling that you are ready for hot apple cider and popcorn balls.Almost like I can feel the world changing, feel the colors. The sky turns a vibrant shade of blue that replaces summer's washed-out denim blue. The brilliant orange of pumpkins, the dusty yellows of corn. The reds of maple leaves. The deep green of squash and gourds. The brilliant gold of new bales of straw. There is a feeling of melancholy, of nostalgia. I am ready for fireplaces crackling, pumpkins, candy corn, all of the trappings of fall. I am ready for long golden buses trundling children to and from school again. Ready for longer nights and shorter days, evenings spent in quiet study, perhaps with a book, perhaps with some sewing, sitting quietly, yet basking in one another's company. I am ready for warmish days, when you still might need a sweater and cool nights. I am ready for frost that nips at your nose. I am ready for fall.

No - I can't take credit for those lovely words in green, but when I read them over at Raquel's blog called Kitchen Mysteries ,I actually took a deep breath because it was as if she went inside my head. ( I have her kind permission to use them here.) I guess I must be a Keeper of the Home deep within my soul because when I think of fall, I think of how it is time to close up the house from the outside world and begin to 'nest' again.

My Whatcha Working on Wednesday is all about fall of course. I finished my wool pumpkin runner and I can't wait to get into the attic and get my tubs of fall decor down and put it out. I think I'll do that the weekend after next. We'll surely have many more days of needing the a/c after that, but I am going to decorate anyway! I won't be able to gather all my bittersweet, or plant mums, or buy my pumpkins and gourds that early, but I can start. I took a few pics because they just don't seem to do the runner justice. It really looks great on the coverlet table cloth in the dining room but I may use it on the coffee table or even kitchen table. Only time will tell!

I also was busy this week making 6 little gifts for my R.A.K. group but they are being shipped out today and some of those gals read my blog so no pics of those. Made a few cards but they are in the mail and I forgot to take pics of them. My next project (I hope) will be learning punch needle. I received the supplies I ordered just a few minutes ago, and now I have to read up on how to load the needle and the actual process. Once I practice, I hope to have something to show for it! Don't forget to hop on over to Leslie's and see what everyone else is working on!
I hope this Wednesday is good to each and every one of you!
Until next time - hugs, Linda