Behind My Red Door

Friday, August 29, 2008

An Award!

WOWSER a PRIM award! How cool is this??!! Jan over at Olde Harbor Saltbox left me a message that she had been reading for awhile and was awarding this Primitive Excellence Award. What a kind and sweet gesture. Thank you Jan and it's a pleasure to meet you! I am going to beg forgiveness of the rules because instead of singling out JUST 7 prim friends (which is way too hard and not fair to ALL my prim friends) I am going to say to all my prim friends who blog, and you know who you are, please grab this, plant it on your blog and tell them I SAID SO! As usual, I leave it to each of you as to how you choose to award this. I love receiving the awards and I am so touched and honored, but I have to be honest, I find it just too hard to leave out anyone when it comes time to pass them on. I know each of us puts a lot of time and effort into our blogs. I guess the school teacher in me doesn't want to hurt any one's feelings by not including them. So I truly mean it, if you love Prims and you are one of my blogging friends, I bestow this on you. Proudly show it off on your blog and let everyone know you are a proud Prim gal!!
Until next time (which is coming in a few minutes) hugs, Linda