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Friday, July 11, 2008

My Internet Fantasy Shopping Trip

Yeah - I am back online and getting caught up with my blogging and emails. It was not my computer that bit the dust, just the monitor after all. PHEW!! So we have a nice 19" flat screen on order, and a borrowed one is keeping me up and running in the meantime. This borrowed one is 21" and it took some getting used to. It's a tad too big for my taste so I think the 19" will be great. I have to say I really think this distorts photo's somewhat. Everything is a bit shorter and wider it seems. Including me. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

I really should be doing a million other things but after 30 + hours of prep and painting the family room this week, I am just too tired to put everything back and decide how to arrange it this time. DH still insists we keep the piano, I couldn't change his mind even after his golf game, but I think the bed is going into storage. We only use it a few nights a year, if that. So until that gets moved, I won't have pics for a few days at least. I know, I know. But just think, it will give me something to post next Wednesday! So instead, I am going to day dream a bit here and take a little trip. I hope you will indulge me as I indulge myself. If you leave me here, I'll understand, really I will. I am taking this trip with or without you though. But I'd really love you come along and ooh and aah with me.

Terri over at Prim Creek went on an Internet fantasy shopping trip and asked us what we would buy on our own fantasy shopping trip. She didn't need to ask me twice. This could be dangerous!
Of course I have to start with my dream house. Or a reasonable facsimile. I love Gambrels, Capes and Saltbox Colonials so this one will do. I want it built new to look old though. I love houses that look like they were added on over time. I like the multiple chimney's too - that means multiple fireplaces, and they would be walk in fireplaces with beehive ovens of course. And they will be built with reclaimed brick. And the floors will be wide pine with lots of patina. See the fenced area - that's for my kitchen garden. I have to have that for my herbs and perennials. What you can't see is the great big screened porch out back. Hey this is my fantasy shopping trip. I have good fantasies!!

It would be painted dark barn red of course and have board and batten exterior doors and 12 over 12 windows. I am thinking dark tan for the doors and the garage addition. And while I am at it, I'll order some big shade trees and central air!

Next I'd buy this island for the kitchen. Isn't this amazing? My friend Karen over at My Yellow Farmhouse got to tour the house this was in. The couple built it for their custom home along with the cabinets in the kitchen. I'll take the whole kitchen please!!

Here is a view of the kitchen from the stairs. Oops - I'll replace the white sink with black granite one since this is my fantasy and I don't do white. I am not sure about the tin back splash. What do you think?

And I'll take one of each piece of furniture, antique and primitive accessories in this gathering room.

To see more pics of this amazing house and Karen's awesome Yellow Farm House, go here to see her albums. Bring a box of tissue's. You might drool over both houses.

The next five items will only begin to fill the gathering room and they are all from Circa1820. I love everything in their colonial catalog! Their house was recently featured in Country Living Magazine. Figures, after I stopped my subscription and just after I got done saying I didn't like the magazine anymore, they went and put a great house it.

On second thought, I'll order one of each thing in this catalog,but here are 5 things I'll share with you. This sofa will do nicely. I'll take another one for the master suite please!

And DH will enjoy this recliner - in fact let's get two! His and hers. And I'll take the lamp and table too.
And I'll need this plate rack and don't bother to remove the redware or pewter either.
And of course I need several floor clothes.
This wonderful set of stacking trunks with look great next to my recliner don't you think?

Next I went on over to Martin's Chair and Oley Valley Reproductions did some more shopping. This is fun! I think this pie safe will look great filled with my Bennington Pottery.

And once I make trip over to EBay for a dozen or so nice old crocks, I'll need this extra large bucket bench.

And because I love my DH, I am going to let him buy a flat screen TV BUT... has to fit in this cabinet. This one is making ME drool! Oh and I can't forget the powder room off the kitchen. This vanity and stoneware sink will do nicely there.

And because I want ya'll to come over and visit me in my dream house, I need a large table and some chairs for ya'll to sit on. (hum - I picked up a southern accent in my fantasy I guess). I'll order this table super sized so ya'll will fit.

And a truck load of side chairs,
And a few of these thrown in for good measure!
Well that shopping trip plum tuckered me out. Okay, not really. The truth is I could shop like this all day. I didn't even get to the upstairs. I'll save that for another day. That way I can indulge again. DH is looking for dinner soon so I best get myself into my kitchen. The one that doesn't look anything like the one in my fantasy and doesn't have an island. But it has one thing that picture doesn't have - my sweet guy! I guess I'll keep it after all. Unless of course he wants to join me in my fantasy ... kitchen that is!

Until next time - hugs, Linda

P.S. After very careful consideration, I have decided that if I can't get the dream house, I'll still take the rest of the loot!