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Monday, July 14, 2008

Guess Who is Coming to Town !!???!!??!!

I don't know if you caught it, but a few times I have mentioned that I was getting the house ready for some special guests that might be coming to visit me this summer. Well I finally have a date and I am just so excited I can no longer contain myself and I have to share the news with everyone!! !! Can you guess who is coming ??!! I'll give you just one clue! Are you ready?

Drum roll please.....


COUNTRY SAMPLER is coming to shoot our home next week! YIKES! NEXT WEEK?? I have so much left to do! LOL Oh the woodwork needs touching up and the recycle crock needs a cover and I need to dry clean our quilt and I need to get the family room put back together..... AY YI YI!

Edit: I guess a lot of folks stopped reading here because I already got this question 8 times - I don't know what issue yet- sorry. If I find out ahead of time, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

The short version of a long story is that Country Sampler got a hold of my Webshots pics in a few different ways (me included) and Donna Marcel, the Editor, emailed me in back in April that she might interested in including our home in a 2009 issue. I was so busy getting ready for the trip to Vegas and the wedding reception that I really didn't think it would happen. (But of course I hoped it would!) So then May came along and my July issue came and nothing, so I really didn't think it would happen. I mean - my humble home??

UNTIL, that is, I got a phone call from Donna in May. When you see Country Sampler on caller ID and it is not a toll free number and you have already had an email from Donna Marcel, let me tell you, your heart skips a beat (or two!) We talked for awhile and I was told to expect the freelance photographers to call me to set up the date. It was a Friday and DH was working from home, so as soon as I hung up the phone, I went into his office and was dancing a jig and squealing with delight. And then I waited. For weeks, I have been anxiously waiting for that phone call and it came today! I said last week to a close friend -"watch - I'll start this huge family room project and I'll get the call I have been waiting almost 2 months for" and sure enough, that is exactly what happened.

Now I really need to get in gear and get some things done. I don't know what issue we will be in, but I am told it will be a "season less" shoot so I will be putting my summer decor away. And of course I want our home at it's best - short of renovation. The photographers that are coming are Esther and Franklin Schmidt and they have done shoots of some of my favorite homes in CS!!

So for all my sweet blogging friends who are always telling me my home should be in a magazine, THANK YOU! You brought me good Karma!! I think it is NOW just sinking in. WOW! I better go make myself a cup of tea and start that really long to do list. So if I seem to neglect my blogging chores and visits, you'll know where I am and what I am doing. Now where do I start....

Until next time - hugs, Linda