Behind My Red Door

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's a Girl To Do...

...when it's over 90 and very humid and DH is doing 'work' work on his laptop? If she is this girl, she stays inside the air conditioned house and plays. Play for me can mean so many things; rearranging things AGAIN, repurposing things AGAIN, crafting or recrafting things AGAIN, making cards, reading my favorite magazines or a good novel, doing a stitching project, chatting online or catching up on emails AGAIN, visiting other blogs or Webshot Photo Albums AGAIN, and it seems I have done a little of each of those things today.

As soon as we got up, we got the third and biggest air conditioner out of the attic and put it in the dining room window. Before he flew off to SC on business and to see his folks, DH got two in the windows on Thursday and now - ahhhhhh - now the whole house is cool. The downstairs stays pretty cool all summer but upstairs - our main living area - not so much! And as much as I hate those ugly things in the windows, I cannot live without them. I have been trying to convince DH to get central air for years now, but because we have no ductwork in the house, it will be a huge undertaking. I am up for it - but he isn't. So for now - ( I haven't given up!) we use 3 big UGLY window units.

After enjoying a long cup of coffee and re-reading the latest issue of Country Sampler, I decided that I needed to do some rearranging in preparation for some special visitors I hope to see later this month or early in July. I started playing around with a new tablescape in the dining room. I recently ordered a nice bunch of preserved sweet annie off Ebay, and I wanted to display it. Nothing was working so I went downstairs to the family room and grabbed my old slate blue enamel coffee pot. I have had it since the early 80's when I used slate blue everywhere. No I didn't use it with mauve - give me more credit than that. I used it with rust (yes and a few geese!!! LOL) You can see the pot was on the mantel down there.

I then grabbed my can of Rustoleum in a dark red and braved the hot sun on the deck and presto - it is much more to my liking now. I used a little black as well. The can of black was old and it was spraying sporadically which ended up working in my favor. It has a kind of speckled appearance and it came out really well. I love how it looks on the table. And with the air conditioner circulating the air, the wonderful aroma of the sweet annie is coming all the way down the hall to my office/craft room at the other end of the house. Success!

I am trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs too. I am now doing three volunteer administrative jobs for ChemoAngels and the beginning and end of the month are the busiest times, so I still haven't caught up on all those blogs yet, but I am working on that. And it isn't helping that our internet seems veeeery slow today. I suspect many more "heat haters" are inside doing what I am doing and we are clogging up cyber space!

I want to give a special shout out and thanks to Jo-anne over at the Carter Clan. I just found her blog the other day. She is a fellow preschool Director and has her own school right in her home. I so enjoyed reading about how brave she was to let the kiddo's paint the walls! FUN FUN! I have so many fond memories of my 18 plus years at Community Nursery School. I miss the kiddo's and great parents and the wonderful staff I worked with. But things change and sometimes we need to move on and I did in 2005. That was a big year for me. I turned 50, we celebrated our 30th anniversay and I graduated preschool! Ooops - back to the thanks -I think the heat and spray fumes got to me - I was going way too far down memory lane! So today, I got a sweet comment from Joanne and she told me she posted the slide show of our prim home pics on her blog. I am so honored she enjoyed it enough to do that. If you are interested and haven't seen it, just click on the picture our kitchen table over there on the left.

I need to scadaddle now. DH needs me to scan his expense account receipts - my printer does that - his doesn't. So that's my job and as long he keeps those air conditioners running full steam ahead, and allows me the luxury of a Sunday of play time, I am happy to take a break to help him out. He's a good man! And later. it's off to Jay's for a mini cookout.

So until next time, stay cool! hugs, Linda