Behind My Red Door

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is your favorite season?

If you were to ask me any other day of the year what my favorite season is, I would not hesitate a second to answer a resounding -FALL! But today - I cannot decide!! At first I thought it was Summer - no back to Fall - hum - maybe Winter? And I finally decided in this case it is SPRING!!
I can hear the people that know me well saying - WHAT?? It can't be!! You LOVE and LIVE for FALL! And they are right. I do. Every day of the year is one day closer to the fall. I really do appreciate each new day I am given, and I do stop and smell the roses along the way, but I LOVE fall.

But today I am not talking about the seasons of the year, I am talking about my new set of blocks - one for each season. You may have seen decorative wooden blocks or signs that spell out a holiday or season and then have a coordinating picture block to go with it. I have seen them and thought they were cute but they were always a bit too commercial for me. Then last week I had a thought. You may remember that I showed you my new sign made by my sweet and talented blogging friend Kindra. She had just opened her Etsy Momma's Primitives and I was her first customer. Kindra and I got to chatting and she agreed to make me a custom primitive set of blocks for the seasons. We chatted about colors and designs somewhat and then I told Kindra to surprise me and she did. My blocks arrived yesterday and not having seen them at all, I was so excited to rip open the box. I have to say - Kindra hit the nail on the head! They are exactly what I had in mind. I love the prim colors and distressing and her choice of pictures. Simply put, I am thrilled with my second purchase from her.

DH was going to be late for dinner so I had some extra time to play and arrange them in different places around the house. No matter where I put them, they look great. For the next week I'll leave the spring ones on display (it IS still spring after all), and then at the start of each new season, I'll change them. I am thinking that this fits perfectly into my constantly rearranging!

Here is SPRING - my favorite!

And next is summer - so cute!

Then Fall - don't you love the stars she added?

And last, but certainly not least is Winter!

So what is your favorite season??

Until next time - hugs, Linda