Behind My Red Door

Friday, June 6, 2008

Time Flies When You are Having Fun!

Thirty six years ago today, I met the love of my life. I was only a junior in high school and David had just finished his sophomore year in college. At the time, he worked at Professional Pharmacy, a small old fashioned drug store just a short walk from my high school, where my mom was the bookkeeper. Sometimes on a really nice day, my girlfriends and I would stop in and leave our heavy back packs with my mom, have a Lime Rickey at the soda fountain ( see - it was old fashioned - even for 1972!) and then we would walk the 2 miles home. I was so busy with my girlfriends, I didn't notice the cute college kid working behind the counter. But I guess he noticed me.

June 1972

My mom had already decided he was a really nice guy and of course she was more than happy to arrange for us to get to know each other. So on June 6, 1972 which was a half day (now called early release day) of school for me, she had David pick me up in the store's Volkswagen Beetle and I went along for the ride while he delivered pharmacy orders to the elderly customers in the neighborhood. At first I was reluctant to go along because I had been dating a guy from another high school, but my mom convinced me this guy was cute, smart and just really nice. She also told me she had seen how nicely he treated his mom when she stopped in. My mom said that was a great indicator of how he would treat his wife someday. She has plans I didn't even know about I guess!

We were both pretty shy, but we got along right off the bat. Before he dropped me back at my house, where my best friends where waiting for a report, David asked me out for the following weekend and I said yes. It was the best decision of my life! He was as cute and nice as my mom said he was, and we spent all our free time together during the summer of 72.

In the fall, David started his junior year of college, and I was busy with my senior year of high school, but we saw each other several times a week. I have always been an "old soul" so I loved hanging out with the older college crowd. It was an exciting time!

October 1972 (Don't you just love the hairstyle!)

In June of 1973, we attended my senior prom together:

And the following September, I started the nursing program at a local college. In June of 1974, David graduated from Assumption College and he took a job with a company he would work for until December of 2006, and in December of 1974 we got engaged:

David's job took him all over the country for weeks at a time, and we decided a long engagement was not in order - this was 1975 and living together was not an option and we began to plan for a wedding the following June - June 21, 1975.

And as they say - the rest is history. The story will be continued in two weeks when we celebrate our 33rd anniversary! So until then - hugs, Linda