Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Visit from Brady ... and another Step Back In Time

Okay I am ready for more seasonal temps - meaning much cooler - are you?? Our son Jay's entire neighborhood lost power right at dinner time last night so he called and asked if they (Jay, his wife Angela and Brady) could come here to escape the heat that was creeping in, and cook their dinner here. He had just come in from walking Brady when it shut down and they were HOT! While he cooked, I spent some time with my grand doggy Brady. I think he was all tuckered out and enjoyed the cool floor more than me. When Jay bought his house 4 years ago, it had central A/C, so this is one spoiled doggy!

What a life, huh??

Colleen over at And Baby Makes Five invited us to join in the fun with this meme and share a bit of info about ourselves you might not know - so here goes!

•• What was I doing ten years ago?

Getting ready for Jay’s high school graduation party, taking Jen to recital rehearsals so I could watch her dance, doing my end of the year progress reports at nursery school and preparing meals to freeze and use after surgery I was going to have.

•• What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:

1. answer emails (if AOL let's me!)
2. go to the produce stand
3. check on my parents to make their a/c is on
4. pick up a prescription at Walgreen's
5. read the new Dorothea Benton Frank novel I picked up

•• 5 Snacks I enjoy:

1. Dark chocolate
2. WW giant fudge ice cream cones
3. black cherries
4. cheddar rice cake minis
5. Trade Joe's multi grain corn chips

•• Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Okay I am selfish and I would build a huge sprawling ranch house (NO STAIRS!) with a walk in beehive oven fireplace, wide pine floors, a huge keeping room and kitchen and lots of extra space for family gatherings. I'd help both sets of parents to move to wherever they wanted, help the kids get bigger homes, put money away to educate future grand kids and and build as many houses as I could through Habitat for Humanity and pay off the medical bills of a family of a child with cancer. I think I need several billion!

•• Places I have lived:

Worcester, MA
Auburn, MA
Upton, MA
New Orleans and Gretna, LA
Kansas City, KS
Roxboro and Wilmington, NC
Shrewsbury, MA

•• Jobs I have had:

Laundry Room Aide, Housekeeper, and then Nurse’s Aide
R.N. – Charge Nurse, Medication Nurse
Longaberger Consultant
Shaklee Consultant
Microwave Oven Demonstrator
Preschool Teacher
Preschool Director
Educational Consultant

Did I surprise you? Join the fun and let us know some things about you!

Until next time - stay cool! hugs, Linda