Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why Blog?

I am coming to learn that there are 2 kinds of people in this world - those who 'get' blogging and those who don't. And while I have no proof and I haven't done any research on the subject, I strongly suspect that those of us who enjoy reading other folks blogs and writing our own, are the same type of people we might describe as 'people watchers' - voyeurs of sorts. I know that describes me.
I actually enjoy getting the so called politically incorrect newsletters and pictures of my friend's kids in the card at Christmas time. I enjoy peeking into others homes as we drive by at night -in the most innocent way of course. For the most part, I enjoy seeing how other people live, how they decorate, what they do in their daily lives that makes them different or similar to me. I am even not afraid to admit there are some 'reality' shows that I hate to miss just because I like seeing human dynamics at work. (Not because I believe that any of them are 'real life' - I didn't get to be 53 without a little reality check !!) I just find other people fascinating! I always have and I am sure that is part of the reason my careers have alway been centered around people. And I must not be alone because I am finding that there are more blogs to read than I would have time for even if that was all I did every day.
Sure there are plenty of blogs originally created by artists peddling their wares, but even most of those show us a glimpse into the artist's personal life. And they have some very fascinating lives if you ask me!! Not only do they create wonderful treasures, they also write engaging stories. When I first started my blog, I fancied that I would be doing that, but some how between the trip to Vegas and the wedding reception, my brain has fogged over a bit. All those clever ideas I forgot to write down are lost in my mental cyber space somewhere. I have CRS - Can't Remember Stuff - as my dear old friend Jean calls it, or Mentalpause -as my new friend Kathy calls it. Either way, I promise I will try to find my brain and my creativity soon and post something interesting so that you want to come back!
In the meantime, please tell me what you think about blogs!! Do you have any favorites you want to share with me? Please let me know. You can comment anonymously even - how easy does it get? Make up a name even. I promise I'll find more hours in my day to check them out and include links here if the author permits!

Until next time - hugs, Linda