Behind My Red Door

Saturday, May 17, 2008

To Plant a Garden....

"To Plant a Garden is to believe in tomorrow". I don't remember where I read this but I like it - don't you? Anyone who plants a garden tries to imagine what it will look like in the weeks, months and even years ahead. Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate, and critters can destroy a lot of hard work in a few days, but gardeners are a pretty resilient group I think and the thought of a better tomorrow keeps us going.

David and I both grew up watching our mom's garden extensively. They both have green thumbs. Annual, perennials and vegeatable gardens were just part of our growing up. We both had backyards bordered by gardens and we both grew up with fresh vegetables n the table all summer. And while they have slowed down a little, both of our mom's still garden today. How could I not have gardens in our yard? I started a garden as soon as we had our first house in 1977 and have been experimenting ever since. I love to get out there in the spring and get it started, see what survived the NE winter, and find new plants at the nurseries, and because we have full sun on the front of our house all day, my front garden comes to life pretty early in the season.

Even though it is commonly held that we shouldn't plant frost tender plants until after Memorial Day in my neck of the woods, I still get started weeks before. For so many years, my schedule revolved around the school year. We always had a break during the third week in April and I would clean up my beds, the yard and get my planters and garden decor out and cleaned up. Then as soon as May hit I would replace and move perennials and shortly after, I had my window boxes and containers planted. By mid May, I was pretty much done with the planting, leaving 'just' the maintenance and weeding and watering and feeding! But this year, with the wedding trip, then the reception, followed by Mother's Day and rainy weekends, I feel like we still have so much left to do. And since Mother nature is not going to cooperate once again this weekend, I'll share a few pictures I took the other day. At least it's a start and my perennials are filling out.

This is between the garage and the front steps. It is what I see coming and going every day so I wanted something that pleases me - and it does!

Just a start on the deck. I still have some more old furniture and other planters to get out. My rocker needs another coat of paint too. And I won't even mention how badly the deck needs power washing and painting. Ugh!
At least the two window boxes are done!

Last fall we had to have two diseased pine trees cut down from the front left corner of our yard so I need to fill in the space a bit. Those are red impatiens and blue lobelia in the old wheel barrel. Maybe this will be my patriotic corner. Any ideas?

I think I need to replace two perennials in front of my little bench but I need to be a wee bit more patient and see if they start to green up a bit but for now this will do.

Maybe if these fill in nicely, no one will pay attention to the ugly but necessary downspout?
YYup, it's just a start! Thanks so much for taking an early season tour of some of my gardening. Until next time - hugs, Linda