Behind My Red Door

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Everyday Dishes

Cathy, from Hazelruthes challenged us on this Show Me ~ Wednesday to show off our every day dishes and tell a little bit about them. Well that was a no brainer for me - I love my dishes - both sets and I set the table with them every evening.

When my hard working hubby comes home from a long day at the office, this is often what the table actually looks like. Now that we are empty nesters, I only need to set the table for two and I can indulge in place mats and a tablescape for the season. I am blessed with two great sets of dishes that work nicely with each other and with my other pottery, stoneware and redware. I love to mix and match the pieces when I set the table for every day or for guests. I don't do china - I haven't for a long time and what you see is what you get whether you come to supper on a Wednesday, or to Sunday dinner.

I started collecting Pfaltzgraff Folkart dishes sometime in the late 80's when I decided NOW I am going to get dishes that I really like. They were often gifts from family for birthdays and Christmas. I have place settings for twelve and a few of the serving pieces as well - though I mostly use stoneware serving pieces. In the eary 90's I started collecting my Blue Bennington Pottery dishes as my Sunday best with the goal of giving the kids the Pfaltzgraff dishes someday, and just using the Bennington pieces. I have place settings for ten and a some accessories as well.

Now that our kids are grown and on their own, they have their own taste and so I still have both sets. I have thought about selling the Pfaltzgrafff set, but because we hope grandkids will come along in the next few years, I tell myself I should keep some of the Pfaltzgraff pieces - they are quite a bit more durable and a lot less expensive than my Bennington collection! So for now, I use both sets.

Last year, I decided to stop hiding my dishes and I took the doors off 2 cabinets and now I proudly show them off. And added benefit is that it sure makes setting the table and emptying the dishwasher a lot easier!

I love my plate rack which holds more of my dishes. Someday, I hope to have an open pantry to show off all my dishes and pottery pieces. They are just too pretty to hide!

If you'd like to join in Show Me ~ Wednesday and show off your dishes, visit Cathy's blog for the rules. Thanks for stopping by and until next time - hugs, Linda