Behind My Red Door

Friday, May 2, 2008

Looking forward to Part Two….

Wow – one more night and then and it will be the day of the formal reception! Despite already going to Vegas, I can’t believe tomorrow is almost here. I am really excited! Just a few weeks ago it seemed like there was still so much left to be done! After months of planning and making and creating and assembling, all the hard stuff is done. On Tuesday we dropped off the centerpieces, favors, programs, courtesy basket, after dinner mints, cake knife and server and everything else at the White Cliffs. All that is left to do tomorrow is have my hair and nails done, get “prettied up” and wait for the photographer here at the house. After he takes pics of Angela and her parents at their house, he will stop here on the way to the White Cliffs. We are wearing formal clothing for Part Two ~ Angela has a new wedding gown, Jay, the dads and his best friend Andy will wear tuxes, Melissa has her bridesmaid’s gown, Jen has a new gown, and Lori and I have the appropriate Mother of the Bride/Groom evening attire (and I even have new jewelry to match) and so we will pose for all the requisite formal pictures. The limo will then stop here to pick up Jen and I, and the guys will follow shortly thereafter to keep Jay a safe distance away from Angela’s arrival. This time, Jay won’t see Angela until her dad has the pleasure of walking her up the grand staircase and “giving her away.” Because only seven of us went to Vegas, our family friend, The Honorable John J. Curran Jr. (Jack) will officiate a short renewal of their marriage vows for the pleasure of Angela’s family as well as the rest of our family and friends. THEN we can party! I am so looking forward to celebrating their marriage in style. Next week I will put together an album or slide show of pictures of part One and Two. Until then, hugs, Linda