Behind My Red Door

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little of this and a little of that...

First of all, if you see a change in my blog, I worked with Amber from Shabbee Chick Designs. It is hard to take the vision in your head and translate it to someone else via email. Thanks for your patience Amber! I love the stars and crows and bead board!

A friend asked me to update some pictures from around the homestead. She knows I am always moving things around and changing things for the seasons. Sure enough, I did some of that this week. I like to see my treasures in different places and it keeps things interesting. I have boxes in the attic with items for each season. I am a lot more selective now and only my favorites or things with special meaning to me get display time these days.

This is my new runner for the coffee table. I got this on my shopping trip to Pepperberry Cottage last week. I love the wool penny circles appliqued on each end. The colors in the flowers are wonderful - they will carry into early fall until it is time for my pumpkin runner.

It is hard to see but I have the cutest little garden glove and rusty pick and shovel hanging in the center of the back door wreath. It reminds me to get out and work in the garden every day. I started planting and hope to get more done between the rain in the next few days. Check back for updated pics later this weekend.

I love this little quilted and appliqued pillow with the rusty watering can, painted lady bug, yo-yo flower, old buttons and painted pot of herbs. It is a wonderful creation and it's what I call mixed media in it's best form!
If I quilted, I'd make one of these for each season.

The rattan garden glove is filled moss and has a wheelbarrel and garden tools on top. So clever and it looks great in my office. Another reminder to get back outside!

I added a little potted geranium to my settle bench and it is a cheerful way to greet anyone who goes down the hall.

This watermelon is slice is a larger version of the ones I am working on now. It reminds me of good things to come! Yummo!

I played around with the display on the top of my refrigerator and added my little Original 13 Colonies flag. I live in one of them after all!

I just love these appliqued towels because the are reversible. The other side has a crow so once the growing season ends, I flip them around until it is time for my autumn towels. Now that is what I call a bargain!

This little Patriotic doll was given to me by my dear friend Jean. The body is made out of an old pillowcase that came from Sweden. Isn't she sweet. Her body is filled with sand so she can stand tall. She looks great in my antique grain measure.
(For more pictures of our prim home, click on the photo of my little writing desk on the side bar or see the link to our Primitive Home Albums)
So that is all for now. The sun just came out so I am going to try to plant a few more herbs. Thanks for stopping by and until next time - hugs, Linda