Behind My Red Door

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A little bird watching

"Honey - quick, come see this outside!!" I couldn't imagine what David was hollering about. I hadn't heard anyone that excited to show me something since the kids were little and one of them found some critter or insect lurking in the yard or in the brook that runs along the back and side or our property. So I ran to the window in my office and opened the shutters and David was pointing to our Cherry Tree, which was fully in bloom. Flitting among the branches was the the most brilliant orange/yellow and black bird I had ever seen. He looked so pretty against the snowy white blossoms. He was clearly intent on gathering something. Maybe he was helping to feather a nest? Then again I have been saying that the tree has something wrong with it for a few years because the leaves turn brown and drop prematurely. Maybe he found caterpillar larvae ? I will never know but I do know he provided two middle aged folks with some viewing pleasure and then a discussion of what kind of bird he was. I was sure he was a Baltimore Oriole - David, not so much. Anyway, after watching him until he took off for greener trees, David came inside and got online and sure enough, I was AHEM- right. I guess I forgot to mention in my earlier post that my mom is also a bird watcher and the binoculars and bird book were never far from the bathroom window that looked out to our back yard when I was growing up. Some people read in the john, we watched wildlife.

Back to yesterday's post, I wanted to add some pictures of my gifts from Kathy. Here is the adorable gift bag and all of my goodies (minus a few candies that we have already devoured). And here are the two berries she made for me add to the ones I had made.
They really help to fill up my treenware bowl. Thank you again Kathy! I will treasure them always, as I do our new friendship!

Until next time - hugs, Linda