Behind My Red Door

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Did you ever meet someone with eyes that sparkled and then found they had a personality to match? Well I did today! For a few months now I have been corresponding online with a wonderful gal named Kathy from New Brunswick, Canada. We met online through our love of decorating primitive style. Initially, we admired each other's homes (see the link to her Home on the Hill on the left under My Favorite Sites) but then we found out that our kids are the same ages and that we both went to North Conway, NH on our honeymoons less than one year apart and from there, we discovered we share so many other things in common as well. I love hearing about life in New Brunswick and I really enjoy reading her emails, and eagerly await the new pictures of her family, home and hand work that she shares with me.

so of course when Kathy and her husband Stephen planned a vacation to New England and Old Sturbridge Village, Kathy and I knew we just had to meet up. And today was the day. When I left my house the sun was still peeking out, but by the time I stopped for gas, I was caught up in a windy sideways blowing downpour. So much for styling my hair today because I got drenched! OH well - I wasn't about to let that stop me from enjoying meeting Kathy and her DH Stephen. I got to their hotel lobby a few minutes early and sat in one of the big overstuffed chairs by the fireplace and within moments, they were walking down the hall towards me and we greeted each other with big hugs. It was like seeing an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time. Now for all our Webshot friends that know us both only through our online pictures, Kathy is even prettier in person and her eyes really do sparkle and her smile is warm and genuine - just as I knew it would be.
We decided to walk across the street (in the wind and rain again) to an old tavern and over lunch we chatted and chatted. Time just flew by for me. Stephen is just as warm and genuine as Kathy and I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with him as well. They make a wonderful couple!
Not surprising - we both carried little gift bags and we traded little gifts. Kathy had made me 2 adorable strawberries to go with the ones I had made (hers are nicer!) and I also got some strawberry candies, a strawberry and a star mini cookie cutter and a New Brunswick speciality - Chicken Bones. Sweet little pink cinnamon hard candies in a log shape with bitter sweet chocolate inside. They are a local speciality and usually only available at the Holidays. YUMMO! What a treat! (pictures in my next post!) I had given Kathy some homespun fabric that is sometimes hard to find in New Brunswick, one of my handmade friendship cards (I even lined the envelope with matching paper) and a little Friendship Basket with Sweet Annie that I put together with a Friend Tag. It was so much fun!

After lunch, Stephen went back to the hotel and Kathy and I went off to one of my favorite primitive stores right down the street - The Handmaiden. We continued our non stop chatting while we looked around the store until finally it was time for me to drop Kathy off at her hotel and head for home. Our time together was all too short and as I drove away - I thought about the sentiment I had stamped inside her card "Sometimes good things happen to people.. like when you happened to me". That says it all for me!
Until next time - hugs, Linda