Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Do My Best Thinking…

in the shower!! I really do. Not always though – when the kids were babies and toddlers, I was lucky to even get a shower – never mind actually exercise my brain and do any creative thinking! About the most creative thinking I did back then was to come up with a new strategy to keep them safe and occupied the next day so I could sneak in another shower.

But the kids got older and I had a little more peace and quiet in the shower every morning. When I began working at the nursery school, I found it was the perfect time to go over the days curriculum plans. My co-teacher and I had usually planned out the basic details weeks in advance to make sure we had the appropriate supplies, books, etc. But when I got in the shower and began to run through the day ahead, I often came up with scenarios we hadn’t thought of so far ahead of time. I would show up at work anxious to tell my co-teacher and aides why we needed to alter the plan. Luckily for me, I worked with the greatest group of talented, creative, warm and giving ladies you could ever hope to work with. They humored me and went with the flow, usually with great results.

Now that I no longer work outside the home, I often come up with my shopping lists, packing lists, card verses, and to do lists while I am in the shower. While the warm water washes down on me, I seem to see things more clearly. Now I have a new problem though - I have CRS ~ Can’t Remember Stuff! So when I get out of the shower, I have forgotten all my great lists and ideas! When this first started happening, I would quickly write my ideas down as soon as I shut off the water. I kept my trusty pen and paper handy and quickly dried off and began jotting down ideas. These days, that no longer works. By the time I am done with my grooming routine and shut the water off, and dry my hands, instead of remembering the perfect card verse, I am thinking that I need to replace my razor blade, or refill my shampoo bottle.

When I mentioned that to my daughter Jen, she came up with the perfect solution and for Mother’s Day she gave me the neatest little gadget – an Olympus digital voice recorder! This is not one of those cheap little things “As Seen On TV” – this is a real high tech gadget! Jen explained that I can set up different folders to keep my thoughts organized according to use. She suggested that I could have a folder for my ChemoAngel gift and card ideas, another for my craft ideas, another for gardening, one for my shopping lists and even one for blogging thoughts. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and how she had even thought about the things important to me. What a great idea. I can keep it right by my the shower and just reach out and turn it on and start talking and all my brilliant ideas will be saved for future reference. Thanks sweetie – what a thoughtful gift and idea and I really appreciate it. My new digital voice recorder is going to be a huge help…

as soon as I can remember how to turn it on.

Until next time – hugs, Linda