Behind My Red Door

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Simply Beautiful Wedding

Just a quick post today - jet lag and lack of sleep has caught up with me. First the important part of the trip - Jay and Ang sure did pick a gorgeous setting to say their wedding vows!! The wedding ceremony was simple and sweet and the weather was perfect - a constant breeze kept the temps very comfortable despite messing with our hair. The setting sun on the rocks was so pretty. We had some nervous giggles and some tears but all in all it was very sweet. After the vows and the professional photographer's many pictures (better than what David and I captured I hope!) and the long ride back into Vegas we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner in Gallagher's in New York, New York amid a festive atmosphere.

The rest of the weekend was fun fun fun! AND tiring - so much to see and do and sooooooo much walking! But it was great - no major mishaps, only some slight delays on flights, no extreme heat to deal with (YEAH!!!) and lots of fun. I'll post more tomorrow. Now it is time to gather up everything for the reception and get it to the White Cliffs and then rest a bit. Until then, hugs from a very tired but happy, Linda