Behind My Red Door

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Signs of Spring

The sky is blue, the birds are singing and it is another glorious spring morning. How blessed we are to enjoy the changes of season here in Central Massachusetts. As much as I don't like the extremes of a very warm and humid summer day, or a frigid cold snowy winter day, I couldn't live anywhere that didn't enjoy these profound changes in seasons. Each spring it is amazing to watch the landscape turn from drab browns and grays to a mass of soft greens once again. The forsythia are yellow in many places and lawns are greening up. My perennials are peeking out of the ground but it will be a few weeks before there is any color so I had to bring some signs of spring to our yard. Last week I planted some pansies and brought out some of my garden elements. Changing the decor inside as well as outside for the seasons is something my mom always did and still does, and I have followed in her footsteps. I have to say, she has been my inspiration for many of the things I do to make our house a home. Thanks Mom, for all the ideas and hard work over the years!

I smell my second up of coffee calling me and it is time to make hay while the sun shines, so until next time, hugs, Linda