Behind My Red Door

Friday, April 18, 2008

My very first post

Welcome to my new blog! I love my red front door and I change the decor to reflect the seasons of my life so I thought it was the perfect name for my very first blog. I have enjoyed reading some other very creative blogs so I decided to try my hand at it. This is probably not the best time to start one with the wedding coming up, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I hope you enjoy it.

Speaking of wedding, at this time next week, we will be approaching Las Vegas and I am not ashamed to say, I will be relieved when we land! I have flown many times, but not since 9/11 and not since the stricter rules were put in place. And lately, every time we turn around, another airline is having major problems or going bust, so I will be one happy lady when we land. I have my IPod Nano ready and loaded with some of my favorite music, and some little white pills from my Dr. to keep me calm. Jay assures me that Midwest Airlines has roomier seats so I am hoping for a comfortable ride! My DH David and I will be traveling with Jay and Angela (groom and bride), our daughter Jen and her BF Justin and Angela's cousin Melissa.

Once in Las Vegas, we will be staying at the Luxor, right on the strip. We have heard great things about it and we are all excited to see it for ourselves. I was disappointed to find out their steak house is closed for renovations so we will have to find someplace else to have our post wedding dinner. The Luxor

We will have all day Friday and most of Saturday to explore. The wedding ceremony is at sunset on Saturday, the 26th in the Valley of Fire State Park, outside of Las Vegas. I am looking forward to the gorgeous scenery and hoping for cool temps!! The average temp for that date is 75 and I hope it is not any warmer than that. The Valley of Fire

We then have all day Sunday for more fun and games and we leave Vegas on Sunday the 27th, at midnight (ugh), change planes in Milwaukee again - this time with a longer layover in the wee early morning hours, and finally get to Logan after noon on Monday. Even though I know I will be tired, I will be doing a happy dance once we get on the ground again. Our private van picks us up and we head home to crash until the next day. On Tuesday the 29th, we have to bring the centerpieces, favors, place cards, courtesy basket, programs, and everything else to the White Cliffs for the formal sit down dinner reception on May 3rd. We have about 100 family and friends coming and I cannot wait to party! The White Cliffs

Angela and I met with the photographer this evening for one last run through and things are pretty much set and ready to go! I will have plenty of pictures to post after both special days.

Well friends, I am going to stop here and check out how I did with my first ever blog post. Thanks for stopping by, until next time, hugs, Linda