Behind My Red Door

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Don't Do Windows

I DON’T DO WINDOWS! Okaaaaaay – I guess I do or else I am stuck looking out dirty windows all year. But I hate doing them – I really do! Even though we have it much easier than our ancestors – after all most of us have some that tilt in and many of us don’t have to worry about all the mullions, still – it is one of those things I put off for as long as I can (and I bet most of you do too!) This year though, I found some new magic tools to make the job soooooo much easier! I am not saying it was fun, but it was almost painless. I stuck in my new John Legend CD and I was done with the upstairs windows in no time.

What are my magic tools you ask?? (See I heard you!) NO, not vinegar and newspaper. Even better! When Oprah had one of her “green” shows, I ordered the special Shaklee Cleaning Kit they offered at a reduced price. At one time many years ago, I bought a lot of Shaklee products when they were just about the only green company around. Eventually I went back to what I could buy at the grocery store but the one thing I always had in the house was Basic H. I shave with it – LOL! Yes – it is highly emollient and I never get a rash when I use it. But I digress. In the new kit is now called Basic H2. It is highly concentrated and you mix just a few drops with water in the spray bottle they provide, for THE BEST window cleaner. Even better than that, are the micro fiber clothes that came in the kit. No lint - no streaking - and they super absorbent. They are worth their weight in gold far as I am concerned. The other thing the do magic on is the black stove tops– the part under the grates on my new gas stove. No matter what I did, I had streaks. Using the H2 window cleaner and micro fiber clothes has solved that problem too. Just thought I’d share that in case you are like me, and you dread window cleaning and streaky black appliances!

I finished just in time to Brady sit for a while. Jay and Ang did some quick errands and Brady had to come for his weekend visit with Grammy and Grampy. Grampy was working on the lawn so I was elected to entertain Brady – though it really is the other way around. He even managed to get a tick while I was walking him. Jay was able to remove it before it got embedded thank goodness. I am sure some of my friends and family are saying “ I can’t believe YOU are taking care of a dog – a big one at that.” Growing up the mailman’s daughter I hated and even feared dogs, but Brady was so darn cute when he was little, he tricked me into thinking it would always be that way. Now he is big and clumsy and very lovable – just like me! And today, he was the perfect antidote to washing windows and that's a good thing! Until next time, hugs, Linda